Students for Social Responsibility

 The Students for Social Responsibility (SSR) is a student run organization open to all students within the SUNY Downstate community. It is the only organization committed solely to community service activities. SSR promotes healthcare and education within the Brooklyn Community. Major activities include flu shot clinics and bone marrow drives. SSR is open to all SUNY Downstate students. Please join us for lunch/dinner meetings with your ideas; leadership positions are available.

Some activities sponsored by SSR include:

Flu-Shot Drive. Here is a unique opportunity for students to help their community while gaining valuable clinical exposure. SSR members volunteer at various sites in Brooklyn to administer free flu shots to the population. Members will learn how to give intramuscular injections and gain crucial clinical experience by educating patients on the flu vaccine. Additionally, these events include blood pressure, BMI, and blood sugar screenings, allowing members to gain experience in educating vulnerable populations on nutrition, diet, and overall health maintenance.

Bone Marrow Drive. SSR holds drives and presentations at Downstate to find bone marrow donors to add to the national bone marrow registry. Members will have the opportunity to educate potential donors on the need for this life-saving donation and explain the types of donations they are able to participate in, including peripheral blood stem cell and marrow donation. SSR members will also educate donors about digital registration and the process that occurs if they come up as a match for any patient. This is a unique opportunity to recruit and educate patients on a crucial donation in this country.