Organization of South Asians at Downstate

The Organization of South Asians at Downstate is an organization that strives to expand the South Asian culture to the SUNY Downstate student body. We promote South Asian culture by celebrating holidays, hosting cultural shows, events, fundraisers, and more throughout the year.

Anyone, South Asian or non-South Asian, can attend! We, as an organization, celebrate the diverse customs, traditions, and festivals that occur in the countries within the South Asian subcontinent. We also strive to help South Asian students connect and network with other South Asian students.

The South Asian subcontinent is made of many countries, which include India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, each with its similarities and differences.

As a student organization, we celebrate all of these to spread awareness about the South Asian culture as a whole. Our organization is open to everyone at SUNY Downstate and hopes to widen its involvement. We welcome new members and would love the support of the SUNY Downstate student body.

DOSA Banquet