Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

The Downstate Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) is a chapter of LMSA-Northeast Regional chapter, which is fully affiliated with the larger Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA), formerly the National Network of Latin American Students (NNLAMS). This is a national partnership between other regional Latinx medical student groups to create one strong voice for Latinx medical students throughout the entire United States.

LMSA @ Downstate is an organization that unites and empowers medical students through service, mentorship, and education to advocate and promote for the health of the Latinx community.

LMSA is open to all SUNY Downstate students.

We strive to help our students by:

  1. Providing support and guidance to Latinx and Hispanic medical students in Brooklyn.
  2. Providing education programs for Latinx and Hispanic medical students in Brooklyn.
  3. Promoting biomedical and health services research, including cultural competence and language issues, for members of the Latinx and Hispanic community in Brooklyn and to address the health care needs of this community.
  4. Developing interest in Hispanic health policy research by Latinx and Hispanic medical students in Brooklyn.
  5. Encouraging Latinx and Hispanic college students to pursue careers in medicine and health care services which address the health care needs of members of Hispanic/Latinx community in Brooklyn.

Subcommittees — Come join us and get involved!

  1. Medical Spanish Interest Group Liaison
  2. Daniel Hale Williams Society Liaison
  3. Family Medicine Interest Group Liaison
  4. Funding and Sponsoring
  5. Creative planning and distribution
  6. Research coalition

We hope to see you around on campus! ¡Juntos podemos con todo!

“Celebra tus propias victorias, por que nadie más entiende realmente lo que te costo alcanzarlas.”

“El éxito es la suma de pequeños esfuerzos repetidos dia tras dia.”

“El objeto de la bondad no es regresarla sino propagarla.” – Julia Alvarez

“Este es el reto del ser humano: tener el valor de crear nuevos caminos y dejar las rutas conocidas, para mejorar y crecer.” - David Fischman Kalincausky

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Pictures from past events

The 2020 LMSA Northeast Regional Conference was hosted by Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Some LMSA members attended the 2-day conference.


Diabetes Patient Education Research Project at the Diana Jones Senior Center:

lmsa2 lmsa3

2019 Club Fair


The 2019 Northeast Fall House of Delegates was hosted by Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall. Some LMSA members attended the event.