American Medical Women's Association

What is AMWA?

AMWA is a national professional advocacy and education organization consisting of current and aspiring healthcare professionals. AMWA is composed of pre-med students, medical students, residents, fellows, physicians, and all other healthcare professionals. It was founded in 1915 by Bertha Van Hoosen with the goal of advancing women in medicine and serving as a voice for women’s health.

Empowered women empower women. AMWA aims to uplift women through fostering a community of like-minded individuals who can support, advocate, conversate, and build strong relationships together.

Photo of young women at table

November bake sale in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

group photo of club members

AMWA E-board with AWS E-board in collaboration for our annual Female Physicians Dinner

photo of people at tables

Annual Female Physician Dinner 2023

National Registration & Benefits

AMWA members benefit from mentorship opportunities, awards and grants, educational webinars, online resources, and corporate partnerships. There are many committees within AMWA with opportunities for leadership and to get involved including the justice equity diversity and inclusion (JEDI) council, dance, theater, and many more.

AMWA members also benefit from the many discounts of affiliated partners such as osmosis, pixorize, scholar Rx, sketchy, and januu scrubs.

Medical students have a $75 membership fee for all 4 years or can pay a $25 annual membership fee.

Community Service

We participate in a variety of community service initiatives centered around support of women’s organizations. We are getting involved with Brave House, a Brooklyn organization centered around supporting young immigrant women and gender-expansive youth, especially those who have suffered from gender-based violence. They help their members with a wide variety of services from mentorship and school assistance to legal support.

We are also arranging more frequent opportunities with other women-centered organizations in Brooklyn. Stay tuned for more!

Other Events and Meetings

We recently hosted a Female Physicians Dinner, in collaboration with AWS, where we hosted 8 female physicians and 60 students for dinner to provide an environment to network, ask questions, and conversate about all things medicine. This event will be an annual event taking place each Fall, and we can’t wait for 2024’s!

We also hosted a bake sale in November, in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation where we raised close to $500 to be donated.

Monthly emails are sent to all our members including information about:

  • Upcoming meetings and events
  • National AMWA meetings and events
  • Recent public health, medical news, and research publications related to gender and medicine
  • Forum for communication between our AMWA members
  • If there is something relevant you want to promote or bring awareness to, the monthly email is a great place to do so! Please reach out to an e-board member.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to contact any of the e-board members to connect and for more information:

President Gina Gioia
Vice President Lea Sarmiento
Community Service Katharine Dishner
Secretary Charlotte Walden
Chief of Public Relations Lindsay Blank
Chief of Finances Nadia Celestin