Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians


Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians’ (BNGAP) mission is to help diverse medical students and residents become aware of academic medicine as a career option and to provide them with the resources to explore this option further. 

Established in 2008, BNGAP has become a nationwide effort to support underrepresented groups in pursuing careers in academic medicine. Diversity and inclusion of healthcare professionals and leaders provide strong ties that allow vulnerable populations to have improved access to high-quality and equitable care.

Within the domain of academic medicine, Black people, Hispanics, Native Americans, LGBTQs, Asians, and women are among the least represented. One’s ability to secure an academic position ensures opportunities to transform health facilities, disseminate information to several communities, teach and mentor future leaders of physicians and physician-scientists.

BNGAP aims to host two lectures and/or workshops annually to promote awareness of academic medicine careers and networking opportunities.

Organizational Goals

  1. Explore academic medicine careers to fit with trainees’ personal and professional interests;
  2. Navigate the array of academic medicine career paths and opportunities;
  3. Develop and enhance trainees’ academic medicine portfolio;
  4. Expand trainees’ network among academic medicine colleagues and role models.


All members of the College of Medicine are welcome to join and participate in all BNGAP activities.

The SUNY Downstate Chapter was established in May 2020.