Board of Directors

FSA Board of Directors Jan 2019

FSA Board of Directors Photo by Marcos Lainez taken Jan 2019: Pictured are: Standing L-R:  Sergio Maffettone (Admin, FSA Treasurer), Rich Bentley (Admin, FSA President), Rachel Radigan (SPH Student Council President), Alice Herchek (Medical Student Council Treasurer), Michael Cupelli (Grad School Student Council President), Catrisha Duret (CHRP Student Council President). Seated L-R: Elizabeth Moccia (Medical Student Council President), Brigitte Desport (Admin), Meg O’Sullivan (Admin, FSA Secretary, retired), Charis Ng (Admin), Maria Rosario-Sim (CON Faculty ), Charles Park (Nursing Student Council President). Current Board Members (link)

FSA Board of Directors Forms / Documents

FSA Board of Directors meets quarterly; Board approved 2023 have not yet been established due to COVID19, but are traditionally mid Jan, April, July and October (to be rescheduled); All on Wednesdays at Noon in Student Center; Most recent agenda's and minutes posted here.

Draft minutes are unofficial until approved by FSA Board of Directors at subsequent meeting.


FSA BOD Minutes 2/12/2020

FSA BOD Agenda 2/12/2020


FSA BOD Minutes 10/30/2019

FSA BOD Minutes 7/17/2019

FSA BOD Minutes 4/17/2019

FSA BOD Minutes 1/23/2019


FSA BOD Minutes 10/24/2018

FSA BOD Minutes 7/18/2018 


BOD Meeting Proxy Form. Used by FSA voting Board members when you are unable to attend an FSA Board of Directors meeting. Email to Meg O'Sullivan or Fax to 718-270-1040

FSA BOD Handbook: includes FSA structure, governance, Board member responsibilities, and pertinent corporate documents. Quick link to individual sections: : Bylaws, Organizational Chart, BOD Members, FSA Annual Budget, and Prior Year CPA Report and IRS990.

FSA Employee Handbook. For all FSA paid Employees.

SUNY Auxiliary Services Corporation Guidelines

FSA Presentation to Campus President's Transition Team (2017; summary - key points)