Cafe 101 Catering Forms

PDF eForms - Always return to this page when initiating a new blank form to ensure using the most current updated form. 

The standard Cafe 101 Catering Form is used by ALL campus departments and entities; the Student Activity Fee (SAF) Catering Form is exclusively used only by Student Council funded groups/ clubs.


Cafe 101 Catering Form* use for all DMC department & affiliate funded catering.


  1. Download and complete the form - if ordering items that are not on the standard menu, you must speak in advance with Cafe 101 to discuss and confirm availability and the agreed pricing for any such added items.
  2. If your event is imminent, to prevent any order acceptance delay, always call Cafe101 in addition to faxing or e-mailing your catering form.
  3. Print, sign, then scan signed form and eMail to Cafe 101 or fax to 718-270-4661. Send the original signed hard copy via interoffice mail to Cafe 101 at MailStop 1214. For imminent needs, best to hand deliver to Student Center Rm 2-20.

STATE Account funded catering: Once you have an agreed upon menu and quotes, process your requisition to State Procurement (Purchasing) Office. Cafe 101 can not finalize your catering request until Cafe 101 receives a valid State PO number from the State Procurement Office. Depts with ongoing catering needs are urged to plan and fund your State purchase requisition for your estimated annual catering needs to avoid the need for individual event PO's.


Cafe 101 Student Activity Fee (SAF) funded Catering Form* Only for catering paid by Student Councils. Requires MS Excel.

Submit completed catering form 1 week in advance of the event. A Catering Tray typically serves 15 to 20 people. Be sure you have spoken in advance with Cafe101 to discuss/ confirm availability and the agreed pricing for added items.


1. Download, complete, then print & sign the form. Insert the qty and add additional items not on the standard menu. 'Save the completed form, then print it for signature and processing.

2. Submit- You can either:

  • Hand deliver: the original hard copy to Student Center Rm 2-06 (this is the best method if your event is imminent), or
  • Scan/eMail: scan the signed SAF Catering Form and eMail to Student Center Director (link), then send the original hard copy via interoffice mail to Student Center Director at MailStop 114, or
  • Fax: to 718-270-1040, then send the original hard copy via interoffice mail to MailStop 114.

3. The Student Center Director will approve the form, obtain the Council Treasurer's signature (if needed), and submit the final order form directly to Cafe 101.

4. Upon delivery at the catered event, the Cafe 101 delivery staff will have a copy of your catering form. The event coordinator or their designee at the event then signs the final section "Acceptance of Satisfactory Completion".

No FSA payment form is needed when you follow this process. Cafe 101 submits to FSA an invoice and the completed catering form, then payment is processed from the designated SAF account.

Questions: Call the Student Center Main Office Ext 2484 (718-270-2484) or the Director Ext 2485 (718-270-2485) for more information.