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The FSA Business Office processes all payments for accounts of BOTH the Faculty Student Association (FSA) as well as Health Science Center at Brooklyn Foundation (HSCBF). Please select the proper payment form (below) for your account. Print, sign, then send to FSA Business Office MailStop 1219,or Hand Delivered to Student Center Rm 2-09. An advance eMail attachment or fax will be accepted only to expedite a transaction / check processing. The original signed form is still required prior to a payment being released:

FSA or HSCBF Sales Tax Exempt Certificate:

An individual can not personally pay for a sales tax exempt purchase, then get reimbursed by the exempt orgniization. To be sales tax exempt, the purchaser of record (payment to the vendor) MUST BE the exempt organization. NYS Instructions on the use of form ST-119.1

Submit your Payment Request Form and add this prominent note: "Mail a Tax Exempt Certificate to Vendor with Check". These forms are NOT available for download. Both FSA and HSCBF are NYS sales tax exempt organizations. Since FSA and HSCBF handle many different types of accounts for many campus organizations, some of which are NOT NYS sales tax exempt, requests for a sales tax exempt certificate must first be reviewed for appropriateness. Instruct your vendor that they will receive the tax exempt form in the mail with the check payment; FSA Business Office will complete a tax exempt form for that vendor and mail it with the check payment directly to the vendor. If a vendor requires the certificate in advance, please eMail the FSA Business Office Team (see INFO box at top left of this page) with the vendor's direct contact information. The FSA Business Office will contact the contact the vendor directly to provide it.  For out-of-NYS purchases, some other states do honor NYS sales tax exempt organization's status, while other states do not accept it. Misuse of a NY sales tax exempt certificate for inappropriate purchases is a violation and subjects the purchaser to civil and criminal sanctions in addition to payment of tax and interest due.

Replacement Checks

For either a lost check, error correction, or a stale dated check. The account holder must notify the FSA Business Office via eMail with all relevant details (use the Business Office team eMail link in the INFO box upper right corner of this page).

  • If the original check is NOT available: Most common problem is a mailing delay - allow 10 business days before determining the check is 'lost' unless it's a significant urgent circumstance. The longer wait time avoids a common occurrence that by the time the new check is received, the original check is already received/ deposited which then incurs a double Bank Fee (the payee's bank fee plus the bank fee to the FSA account). FSA will verify with the Bank whether the check has been cashed. If it has not, a bank Stop Payment can be processed for check amounts over $30.(ie: it doesn't make financial sense to incur a $30 fee if the check amount is under $30). The bank fee is near $30 and will be charged to your account. A copy of the initial payment form will be used to re-issue a new check.
  • If the original check is available: a bank stop payment is not necessary. Deliver the original uncashed check with a new payment form with the corrected details to the FSA Business Office. If NO corrections are needed, a copy of the initial payment form can be used to re-issue a new check.

FSA Paid Staff Employment Forms 

FSA Employee (FSA Paid Staff) Documents:

New FSA Employees: Complete the following forms upon being hired:

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