Vending Machines

The Faculty Student Association (FSA) operates vending machine services throughout the campus under a contract with Canteen Vending.

Machine Problem? It's important to report the problem to help get it repaired as soon as possible.

  • Call the Canteen Vending Hotline at 800-427-0080 (or 631-226-4121) to report machine type, location and problem. Refunds are requested at the same contact number. Different types of vending machines may have alternate telephone numbers to call for repairs and refunds.
  • Some machines have bar code stickers with a text feature that you can use.

Should any vending problem remains unresolved or is a chronic problem, or you have suggestions for FSA, contact FSA's Hotline Ext 2900 (718-270-2900) or email us (include machine type, location and problem description). 

Vending Machine Locations

University Hospital (UH)

  • Cafeteria; 1st Floor (Rm A1-302 )
  • Outpatient Clinics Corridor (470 Clarkson Ave); 1st Floor
  • Emergency Department Waiting Room; 1st Floor
  • L& D Waiting Area (Room A-321)

Educational Building (EB)

  • 1st Floor - Lobby Alcove (Rm# EB 151)
  • 1st Floor - Auditorium Alcove
  • 6th Floor Lounge
  • 8th Floor Lounge (Rm  EB 8-044)

Basic Sciences Building (BSB)

  • BSB Main Lobby machines will be moved to PHAB 2nd Floor vending alcove
  • 1st Floor Lobby 430 Clarkson Entrance (near Student Affairs)

Student Center; 450 Clarkson Ave

  • 1st Floor near Main Desk

440 Lenox Rd Main Lobby

811 NYA Res Hall,  Lobby Level Lounge

825 NYA Res Hall, Lobby Level Lounge

711 Parkside, Lunch Room 

Think Green logo

FSA's Green Initiatives in Vending

All refrigerated vending machines have been installed with electric misers that hibernate during low volume activity (soda, water, food) and have high insulation values to keep products cold, all to help save on electricity.