Crime Reporting

The University Police Department is the law enforcement agency on campus and as such, University Police Officers have all police powers of arrest under the New York State Penal & Criminal ProcedureLaws. The Department records and investigates all complaints of on campus crimes against staff,students and visitors. We also have written memorandums of understanding with the New York City Police Department which deal with jurisdiction issues and areas of responsibility. Statistical information isforwarded monthly to the Division of Criminal Justice Services in Albany, New York for inclusion in the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

As part of our standard orientation process all students and staff at all levels are advised to reportpromptly any crime on or of campus to the University Police Department. The Downstate Medical Centerhas detailed policies regarding report of Domestic Crimes and Workplace Violence, and all areencouraged and assisted in reporting crime to both the University Police Department and the New York City Police Department.Potential criminal actions and other emergencies on campus should be reported promptly and directly byany student, faculty member or employee to the University Police / Public Safety Office by dialing campusextension 270-2626. Upon receipt of the call, personnel are dispatched immediately to the site of thecomplaint and, as noted above, University Police Officers have the authority to make arrests if necessary. Members of the campus community can also report incidents to the following offices:

  • Sr. Vice President Biomedical Education & Research, and Dean, College of Medicine - 270-3776
  • Dean of Graduate Studies - 270-2740
  • Vice President Academic Affairs & Executive Dean of Allied Health and Nursing - 270-4418
  • Associate Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students - 270-2187
  • Assistant Vice President of Student Life - 270-3294
  • Director of Residential Life and Services - 270-2798
  • Vice Dean, School of Public Health - 270-3204

Please note that these offices allow victims and witnesses to report crime on a voluntary and confidentialbasis. Reports of this nature are filed with the University Police Department for informational purposes,but there is no formal investigation of the incident. Counselors at the Student Counseling Service who areinformed by persons they are counseling of the commission of a crime may also inform that person thatcrimes can be reported to the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students Office on avoluntary, confidential basis for inclusion in the university’s crime statistics only.

If you are the victim of an off campus incident, we strongly urge you to call 911 first, and then to notify theUniversity Police / Public Safety Office at 270-2626.

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