Affiliated Categories

These include the specific entities and programs below of persons who do NOT receive a regular paycheck from either the State or Research Foundation. Persons may be paid by one of the affiliated DMC entities listed below or receive payment for services as a vendor / contractor. These individuals will receive a LIMITED ACCESS type or TEMPORARY type card that has an expiration date printed on it depending on the nature of their engagement and their access needs.
DownstateCards are only issued where the person requires ongoing and frequent access to Downstate facilities.
In cases where the service involves only limited INFREQUENT and OCCASIONAL access of SHORT duration or where an individual (such as contractor/vendor/ staff) changes frequently, the individual needs to obtain a 1 day visitor pass from University Police each time they come to DMC.

Affiliates include the following specific programs identified to date with the associated program coordinator: - Alumni (Alumni Association; Jill Ditchik).

  • Animal Care and Use Committee appointees (Samuel Adams/DLAR).
  • Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health, Inc. employees (Ruth Brown)
  • Attorney General's Office (Lynne Stewart).
  • Chaplain's Office (UHB Directors Office)
  • Childrens Center of SUNY Brooklyn, Inc. employees. (Janice Rivera Palmer)
  • Clinical Practice Plan employees (individual department practice plan administrators).
  • Clinical Practice Plan subcontractors(individual department plan administrators).
  • Committee on Interns and Residents (George Frangos)
  • Community Advisory Committee (Yvette Pennachia)
  • Council Members, DMC Council (Yvette Pennachia)
  • Continuing Medical Education Program (Edeline Mitton).
  • Contractors/ vendors: Persons who are paid by an official Downstate Contract or Purchase Order, or from one of the official affiliated corporate entities. These include contractor staff such as SODEXHO employees, construction-related subcontractors, consultants, etc...). The program coordinator (the Downstate Office which supervises the contract, program, or activity) is responsible to provide verification/documentation for all covered persons in that program/ contract/ activity.
  • CRC (Cancer Registry Certif Program)see Students, Continuing Education certif programs.
  • CUNY Med - aka Sophie Davis Program Students (Dept of Anatomy; Dr. Stempak).
  • Faculty Student Association (FSA) employees (Sheila Duffy).
  • FSA Subcontractors (Ahmed Elmatbagi).
  • HSCB Council Members (President's Office).
  • HSCB Foundation employees (Sheila Duffy).
  • HSCB Foundation Subcontractors (Sheila Duffy).
  • Institutional Review Board appointees (Enzo Bard).
  • Library Subscribers (Library Administration).
  • Minority Affairs Office Programs: Summer Research, EME, Operation Success (Anika Daniels)
  • MIST program (see Students, Continuing Education certificate programs.
  • Nursing Agency temps (Jocelyn Alleyne, Dept of Nursing)
  • Research Student Assistants: Generally unpaid high school student intern programs such as Westinghouse program (Supervising Researcher or Dept Head)
  • Residents; Affiliated Hospital Residency Program; House Staff (S. Tam)
  • Spouses/ Family Members (Student Life: Residence Halls and Student Center).
  • State University Construction Fund- SUCF(Roseanne Ardolino).
  • SUCF Subcontractors (Roseanne Ardolino).
  • STAR Community Advisory Group (Jack DeHovitz).
  • STEP Program Students (Wendy Marshall). - Students, Continuing Education Certificate Progams (MIST, CRC, etc..)
  • Student Assistants (individual hiring dept. administrator)
  • Student Interns, requires DMC affiliate contract (individual hiring dept. administrator)
  • Temporary Agency Staff (Olsten/ Adecco, etc...). The Human Resources coordinator issues the verification for the person to receive a DownstateCard.
  • University Physicians of Brooklyn, Inc.-UPB; (Althea Watson)
  • UPB Subcontractors (Althea Watson).
  • Vendors. see "Contractors".
  • Visiting Students (Registrar).
  • Visiting Faculty (Individual Dept Head). Intended for short term visiting faculty which would not otherwise require a formal unpaid appointment. Note: If classroom instruction or patient care is involved in any way, dept needs to process formal unpaid appointments to DHR.
  • Volunteers/ UHB (Denise Spencer).
  • Visiting Researchers (individual Research Project Director).
  • Work Study Students (Non-DMC Students)- (the administrator of the hiring department is the program coordinator for the person).