The Downstate Card

DownstateCard office is a unit of the University Police. Your new DownstateCard will function as your new ID badge and a key to many campus systems that currently require a separate card. Following you will find images and complete description of each of the three types of cards currently issued by the DownstateCard office.

(a) Permanent DownstateCard. This type is issued to all enrolled students and all permanent paid-staff. 

Downstate Card

(b) Temporary DownstateCard. This card looks similar to the permanent card, but has NO embedded computer chip. It has an expiration date and must be renewed at least annually. It is issued to all temporary staff, non-paid staff and affiliated organization staff. If you wish to open a DownstateCard debit account; at that time your card will be upgraded to a SmartCard at no additional cost.

(c) Limited Access DownstateCard. This card has NO picture of the campus on the background. It is issued to persons in most short term affiliated categories such as visiting students, research student assistants, contractors, etc.