Housing Policy

The Downstate Health Sciences University believes that the residence halls provide students with an important part of their educational experience.

In the residence hall environment, students can explore the varied relationships and lifestyles necessary in order for them to develop as well-rounded individuals. It is a place where students live, learn, and relax within a setting that stresses both individual freedom and community responsibility. Downstate's residence life program is designed to enhance these experiences.

The Head Residents and Resident Assistants are Downstate's representatives in this environment and they share in the responsibility for fostering growth in all areas, particularly in activities outside of the classroom. Additionally, the student staff, in conjunction with the professional management staff and the Facilities Management and University Police staffs are responsible for providing safe, secure, and well-maintained facilities for our students.

Residence Hall Security

Downstate has two, two-hundred bed residential buildings available for occupancy by it’s student population. The following security and safety systems are currently in place:

  • 24-hour coverage by University Police / Public Safety Department personnel at the main entrance.
  • CCTV equipment in specified common areas.
  • Electronically locked main entrance doors. A coded key card is required for access.
  • A panic alarm system on each floor (common areas) and in all public basement areas.
  • Fire extinguishers in all common areas.
  • A pull-station fire alarm system.
  • Hard-wired local-alarm, smoke detectors in each student room.
  • Peepholes and chain locks on each room entry door.


Students who reside on campus are encouraged to identify a person who University personnel should contact in the event they are determined to be "missing". Contact information may be sent via email or written notification to the Office of Residential Life, at, or by returning the request for missing person contact information sheet to Residential Life staff. Missing persons should be reported directly to University Police. Do not wait if you believe a student is missing. Federal law states that the campus is required to provide missing person notification to: 1) all local police agencies ; 2) the student's designated contact person if provided; and 3) parents of students under 18 years of age. University Police immediately conducts an initial investigation and if after a reasonable period of time (not more that 24 hours), the student has not been located, University Police will proceed with the required notifications. The sooner the investigation begins, the better chance of locating the missing person.


From SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University CAMPUS SECURITY REPORT