Emergency Alert System

Student Affairs, Emergency Preparedness and the University Police Department are pleased to introduce our new Emergency Alert System, Send Word Now, which replaces the EARS system. We encourage you to join the Send Word Now system to receive emergency messages, if necessary.

What is Send Word Now?

Downstate has contracted with the Send Word Now Alert Service (SWN) to communicate with the campus community during emergencies. Using the system, messages can be sent to people quickly, reaching them anywhere, any time. The service contacts wired phones, email accounts, and mobile devices with voice or text messages that contain critical information.

The Downstate Emergency Notification System is used only in an emergency. If you ever receive a non-test message from the system, there is a genuine problem that requires your attention. The system is not used for routine notifications, such as weather.

The information you provide to the Send Word Now system will remain private. Neither Send Word Now nor SUNY Downstate will use this information for any other purpose except emergency notifications initiated by Downstate. Also, Send Word Now will never ask for sensitive information, such as credit card information or Social Security numbers, which might be used for identity theft. If you are concerned about the system or a message you receive, contact the University Police Department at (718) 270-2626.

How do I join the Send Word Now System?

To join the new Send World Now system, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Register Now” (if you have already registered and wish to change your information, click “Login”).
  3. Read the Registration Agreement, click “I Agree” and “I have read and understand the privacy policy.” Then click “Submit.”
  4. Enter your first and last name, a username for the system (which should be a valid email address, though it does not have to be your Downstate email address), and create a password (this is not and should not be your Downstate password, but should be a password you will remember). Type the security code displayed and click “Next.”
  5. Enter your contact information. This will be the numbers and emails you wish the alert to go to. You must enter at least one contact, but can enter as many contacts as are available. You will receive any emergency message at all of the contacts you enter. Be sure to select the country in the second column and click whether you wish for the system to “call you” or “text you” at the number listed. You can enter home, work, or mobile phone numbers, home and work emails, a pager and/or a blackberry pin. Once you have entered the contacts, click "Next" (remember, you only have to enter one contact, but the system will contact ALL of the contacts you enter).
  6. Optionally, you can enter your address if you wish. Please enter your “Status” as a student, staff, or faculty member (required). Please also select your affiliation (school or college) and, if you are a student, enter your student ID number. Click "Next."
  7. You should see that the system automatically selects to add you to “DMC_BSB_Main_Campus.” This is the list which will send the emergency messages and you should leave the box for this list checked. Click “Submit.”
  8. You will receive an email at the email address you used for your username. You must click the link in the email to confirm your account (please note that the email may go into your spam filter, so if you haven’t received the email within 5 minutes, please check your spam folder or filter).


If you have any questions about the system, please send an email to