Incoming Shipping Requirements

"SHIP TO addressing" and "PO# protocol" apply to ALL Shipments regardless of funding source. Non-compliant Ship To labels cause delays - the parcel is set aside for further manual  investigation to determine the correct internal delivery Bldg & Rm #, and/or it's PO#.

If your office (the internal destination on shipping label) has limited onsite hours or temporary unoccupied, where no one available to accept shipments upon its internal delivery arrival, (1) place a note on the door if another location is temporarily accepting your deliveries. or (2) If the room is unoccupied for extended periods, CALL the vendor to delay any shipments, where appropriate. Recipient can have smaller parcels routed to Mail Services where recipient can pick it up at your convenience. SPACE is NOT available at Central Receiving to hold your shipments unless you've made advance arrangments.

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For Downstate Staff:

Need status of an incoming shipment or parcel? Avoid delays - When placing an order to a vendor/shipper, adhere to DHSU Incoming Shipment Label requirements (link). All inquiry eMails need to include Shipper(vendor) name, Shipment Tracking#, PO#, and internal destination Bldg/RmBefore you eMail CentralReceiving:

    • If you don't have courier and tracking number, contact the shipper (vendor) to obtain. Confirm with the shipper the "Ship To" label details.
    • Check the courier's webpage for that tracking number status;  most common are UPS (link) or FedEx (link) . Courier websites give you ability to enter/add your eMail address so you receive eMail updates on the courier's delivery status. Normally you’ll receive the courier’s eMail notification before the actual parcel is physically unloaded from the courier truck at the Central Receiving dock!

If it indicates parcel was received by Downstate, then send eMail to (eMail link)  It auto-delivers your message to all CRec staff and mgmt and helps speed a search and response to you by the next available staff. Your eMail Subject must include:

      • the Courier Tracking # -contact the shipper (vendor) to obtain it.
      • the valid Downstate compliant PO# (link), 
      • the shipper (vendor) name,
      • and internal destination Bldg and Rm #,

Include in message body any other helpful identifying details to help speed the search for your parcel.  Most common delays result from non-compliant shipping label (no internal destination Bldg & Rm and/or no or invalid PO#)


Attention ALL P-Card Users!: When placing a PCard funded order by telephone or online that involve a shipment to Downstate, BE CERTAIN to include accurate PO# as CC YY-PID-NNN (depts normal Req #), and SHIP TO =

SUNY Downstate  (DHSU, UHB, or affiliate's company are all acceptable)
Recipients Name or Dept, Building and Room # (REQUIRED)
445 Lenox Rd   ("450 Clarkson Ave" is OK; 445 Lenox Rd better helps drivers since the CRec entrance is on Lenox Rd)
Brooklyn, NY 11203-2098

PO#: _______________ (REQUIRED).The PO# must appear somewhere on shipping label (any reference field). See Downstate's PO#@ formats

PCard Purchases ‘Ship To’ Tips (link)

Your Downstate SHIPPING ADDRESS (link) is different than your  MAILING address (link) !

Receiving process: All Main Campus shipments received from carriers through the Receiving dock are separated into two groups: non-state and state funded based on the parcel's Shipping Label.

All state funded shipments (State Purchasing PO #s) at the Main Campus and all off-site locations are electronically processed via either the Lawson or the State University Receiving System (SURS) which auto-ties to assist Accounts Payable in paying invoices timely.

PCard purchases and all non-state funded shipments that have all required Shipping label information (see below) are then staged for internal delivery. Detail Policy link.

Non-compliant Ship To labels cause delays - the parcel is set aside for further manual  investigation to determine the correct internal delivery Bldg & Rm #, and/or it's PO#.

Plan in advance: When requisitioning any item that involves any incoming shipment to DMC (any funding source), be sure you and your vendor are familiar with Downstate's Incoming Shipment Requirements for Shipping Label, Packing Slip, and Pallet Specifications. Plan the purchase so that your department is able to accept a shipment upon its arrival to Downstate, including having the space to receive the shipment upon its arrival. Shipments are NOT to be left on the Central Receiving loading dock overnight, or stored in any location that present a fire code violation.

International Shipments - US Customs forms: The purchaser must complete any and all required import/ export US Customs shipment clearance and/or certification forms. These forms vary widely and frequently change as import/export regulations change between sender and recipient countries. When required, the shipper will contact the purchaser with any such required forms. The requisitioner can obtain assistance from the respective Purchase Office Agent that handled the procurement to complete any such forms.

 Off Hour Shipment Arrivals: Urgent shipments arriving evenings, weekends, and holidays are received by University Police (UPolice) and the hospital administrator on duty. The recipient must contact UPolice at 718-270-2626 to make all advance arrangements. It's highly recommend contacting the vendor/ shipper directly to ensure the courier driver knows to contact UPolice 718-270-2626 upon arrival. Many local courier route drivers know the routine CRec hours and do not attempt off-hour delivery unless they are specifically alerted of the urgency of a needed off-hour delivery.

Most major couriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS) websites have the ability to enter a specific tracking # and add an eMail address to receive automated eMail notification when the delivery occurs.

    • On next business day – Recipient must submit all packing slip(s) with applicable Downstate PO# so that the Receiving system entry can be recorded; Scan and attach in eMail to

The service yard ramp entrance is gated with a a guard present during normal weekday hours. At Off-Hours when there is no guard on duty, the courier driver  must call UPolice at arrival. A sign is posted on the gate "Off Hour Deliveries - call University Police at 718-270-2626". Small shipments can often be received at the UPolice office in the 445Lenox Rd main hospital entrance lobby. For larger deliveries requiring a loading dock offload and, UPolice will open the gate and contact the recipient for acceptance of the shipment and its internal delivery (advance arrangements required). See also Info for Truckers

Large Shipments: The recipient department initiating a purchase (regardless of funding source) is responsible for making any/ all needed advance logistic arrangements, including if your shipment involves any special circumstances such as delivery being predicated on specific phase/ date of a renovation project, delivery to an alternate temporary staging location for assembly logistics, etc. The recipient department is expected to make every effort to advance plan and coordinate the logistics of shipment arrival so that it fits through doorways, freight elevators, has any utility connection planned in advance (electrical capacity, data connectivity) so that it can be installed upon arrival to maximize efficient DMC labor and space - including avoiding of temporary storage wherever possible. The Central Receiving dock can not be used for storage as it places your shipment at risk (open to weather elements). When the final internal delivery location is an off-site location (outside the UHB, BSB or HSEB buildings), highlight the need for a direct vendor delivery to its final internal destination location. In all such cases, be certain to iinclude clear instructions in the 'comments' section of your requisition and discuss in advance any needed logistics with the assigned Procurement Agent and Central Receiving.

ALL shipments MUST comply with the following:

Shipping Label:

All Downstate incoming Shipments - ALL funding sources including ‘No-Charge’ (PO#=NC) shipments received through Central Receiving must be in the following format (note required fields):

SUNY Downstate  (DHSU, UHB, or affiliate's company are all acceptable)
Recipients Name or Dept, Building and Room # (REQUIRED)
445 Lenox Rd   ("450 Clarkson Ave" is OK; 445 Lenox Rd better helps drivers since the CRec entrance is on Lenox Rd)
Brooklyn, NY 11203-2098

PO#: _______________ (REQUIRED).The PO# must appear somewhere on shipping label (any reference field). See Downstate's PO#@ formats

Compliant shipping labels speed up internal delivery/ avoids delays. Non-compliant labels cause it to be laid aside into a manual look up pile, delaying internal delivery until all compliant parcels are processed. Failure to have all required information on the Shipping Label will result in either package delays, or the package ultimately being returned to sender. Tips:

In PCard Procurements, the PCard holder is the “purchasing agent”:  In PCard orders , some vendors don’t care about internal delivery delays since the vendor has been paid upfront with a credit card,  or for 'no-charge' shipments (PO#=NC) where delays in internal delivery become solely the customer’s problem. Problems do occur (are inevitable) and the goal is to minimize them. Often in online purchases the ‘Ship to’ label is non-compliant exactly as it was entered online by the customer/purchaser; Be sure to enter the compliant format.

For verbal orders placed by phone,  the person (PCard holder) placing the order with the vendor at time of purchase/ordering), should always:

      • Diligently stress to the Vendor the importance of compliant “ShipTo” labeling. Let the vendor know if received with non-complaint "Ship to" label, the shipment is likely to be rejected back to them - an vendor incentive as it then becomes the vendor's expense.
      • If  vendor uses a 3rd party shipper (ask them!), stress the importance of providing the initial ‘Ship to’ compliant addressing to their 3rd party shipper. 
      • Ask the vendor to repeat back the 'Ship to' addressing they entered.

These up front steps help you (as the customer) minimize delays in receiving your order.

Alternate Shipping Label addresses for off-site direct delivery locations (including off-site primary care satellites) will be given by the Purchasing Agent (or PCard holder) for all direct vendor deliveries intended to off-site locations.

All State and Research Foundation Purchase agents know these requirements, but if you are placing your own orders to vendors (Affiliates and/or Credit Card holders), you need to be attentive.

Your Downstate SHIPPING ADDRESS is different than your MAILING address (see Mail Services).

Packing Slip:

All Shipments must have a packing list attached to the OUTSIDE of each package (or to the outside of palletized shipments). Failure to have packing list on exterior of shipment will result in package being opened for retrieval of packing list, and/or package being returned to sender.

Palletized Shipments:

Purchasers: Be sure to advise the vendor if shipment(s) are anticipated to be delivered on pallets to the Downstate Main Campus.

Vendors: Palletized shipment must comply with requirements below to meet Main Campus elevator and doorway limitations:

Pallet dimensions:

Stacked material dimensions:

The main dock doorway height is 83"H x 72"W but many interior doorways can only accomodate        78" height and width becomes dependent upon the pathway of a shipments' internal destination. 

Maximum weight:
800 Pounds

All palletized deliveries must be shrink-wrapped with the appropriate packing slip on the exterior.

Direct Vendor Inside Delivery of Shipments to Internal Destinations (Any State PO shipment NOT processed and delivered through DHSU Main Campus Central Receiving):

Incoming Direct vendor shipments on State PO's to Downstate's Satellite locations including Bay Ridge, Midwood/ Nostrand Ave, Family Health Services/ 840LeffertsBlvd, and Dialysis/ 710PSA: Downstate Staff at these off-sites are required to sign and send all packing slips to Main campus Central Receiving so that the shipment can be entered into the Downstate Receiving system that automatedly authorizes A/P invoice payment. Direct deliveries to alternative offsite locations require your planning and alternate ship to instructions.

Main Campus shipments on State PO's with Direct Vendor Inside Delivery: Whenever a State PO delivery does not occur at/ through Downstate Central Receiving- including whenever a vendor makes direct delivery of a State PO item to an internal destination, typically for equipment vendor installation/ set up, very large, or off-hour shipments that are made directly by vendor to one of the main campus or off-site buildings: Staff at the internal destination are required to sign and send all packing slips to Central Receiving so that the shipment can be entered into the Central Receiving system that automatedly authorizes A/P invoice payment.

PO# Formats (all funding sources):

All shipments (all DMC locations) must have a PO number on the Shipping Label and Packing Slip:

Funding Source PO # On Shipping Label Must begin with the letter:
State # assigned by Purchasing. If shipment applies to a Downstate Contract, the Contract # (starts with "C") is used as the PO#.
State PCard (Procurement Card)* (Procurement Office Agents using PCard) # assigned by Purchasing, ends with V

State PCard (Procurement Card)*      (End User Departments using PCard)

PCard Purchases ‘Ship To’ Tips (link)

CCNN-PID-NNN (dept req #)

Detail Req # format is:

NN= 2 digit fiscal year end 

PID= 3 digit Purch PID codes (link)

NNN= 3 digit sequential  number.

Research Foundation* R… (as assigned by ORA)
All Other Affiliates** (non-State funds); HSCB Foundation, FSA, UPB, Arthur Ashe Institute, construction /contractor funded, etc.)

A…(affiliate's PO numbering plan)**

    for credit card purchases, use:

CC ...followed by affiliate's name.

This  alerts Receiving staff that it is an affiliated company purchase (NOT A STATE procurement) and the shipment can be staged for immediate internal delivery – avoids delays having to investigate further to determine whether the shipment needs to be input to Lawson or other eSystems. 

No Charge Shipments* NC (Any&All shipments that do not involve any Downstate related payment).

This alerts Receiving staff that the shipment can be staged for immediate internal delivery – avoids delays having to investigate further to determine whether the shipment needs to be input to Lawson or other eSystems.

* These shipments will be received and immediately staged for internal delivery (NO SURS entry).
** Each affiliated entity may use its own PO numbering methodology after the prescribed letter "A". Since the Affiliate PO numbers is not recorded into any procurement system, the “A” flags the Receiving staff that it is an affiliated company purchase (NOT A STATE procurement) and the shipment can be staged for immediate internal delivery – avoids delays having to investigate further to determine whether the shipment needs to be input to Lawson or other eSystems.

Personal non-business related shipments (such as catalog and or Internet retail purchases) to staff members are not permitted and will be returned or require your in person pickup.

For Truckers- Our Loading Dock:

The campus has a central service yard that is accessed from Lenox Rd, adjacent to hospital building (445 Lenox Rd at  E.35th St. GPS map coordinates. Entrance ramp has a Univ Police checkpoint/gate. Service Yard map of Dock locations (link). The main Central Receiving loading dock accommodates 5 simultaneous trucks, as well as smaller docks around service yard perimeter. All are standard 4ft dock height and accommodate tractor trailer and smaller trucks. An XL tractor trailer often needs to back down the Receiving ramp to avoid turning around inside the service yard. A 1ft wheel riser ramp set and a 6" high dock plate is available. See also: Pallet Specifications (link) 

Truckers park at main dock then walk into the Central Receiving Office at the main dock with shipping documents. Top of this page provides Receiving HOURS and CONTACTS. Appointments are not required for average deliveries. LARGE deliveries require advance logistics planning (see below). See also - Off-Hour Deliveries.