Outbound Shipments

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DHSU Main Campus: One Convenient Location for your Shipping Needs

The NYS State contract for overnight couriers changed in 2023 from UPS(United Parcel Service) to FedEx (Federal Express). The object code for courier expenses also changed to 5603.

Shipping services and packaging products includes everything from letters to boxes offered through FedEx and other common carriers. Any charges for such Outbound Shipments are charged to the Reference # (your 8 digit State account number) that you must clearly enter on your shipping label.

Kindly contact the Reception desk and ask to speak with a Shipping Specialist for pricing and service details at X1514 (718-270-1514).

Outbound Shipments resulting from DHSU Business-related shipment Return, Discrepancy or Adjustment:

Within 48 hours of internal delivery, the customer must report any and all discrepancies by completing an Outbound Shipment & Discrepancy Form - all sections A,B,C&D.

The same form is used to report the discrepancy and (if applicable) start the outbound return shipment process. More details about DHSU business related shipment discrepancies. Normally, the vendor will provide a pre-paid shipping label (paid by vendor), but if they do not, then any charges for such Outbound Shipments are recharged through the Central Stores recharge process (object code 5603).

Outbound Shipments NOT associated with any DHSU Business-related shipment return, adjustment, or discrepancy.

Central Stores handles outbound shipping for Downstate business related shipments ONLY through FedEx and other carriers. Contact Mail Services  for pricing and service details. Charges for such Outbound Shipments are recharged through the Central Stores recharge process or Journal Transfers.

Complete the Outbound Shipment & Discrepancy Form - only sections A, C, & D

Mail Services has FedEx Shipping Labels. 

Packaging / Shipping Label Tips:

Mark all boxes and crates in distinctive and obvious manner. Use a permanent marker and write bold and clear. Make sure the marking is impervious to water and weather.

Use consecutive numbers or more than one box in the same shipment; i.e. “Box 1 of 4, Box 2 of 4 etc.”

A detailed packing list (indicating contents and quantity) should be attached to the outside of each package for shipping. 

Prepare the Shipping Label - Make sure that your package(s) is properly wrapped; see Prepare a  Shipment

Who is paying for the shipment?

If your department is paying for the Outbound Shipment Shipping Cost:

State and IFR Account holders and Other DMC Affiliated Entities (such as FSA, UPB, and all other DMC Corporate Affiliate Accounts)

Prepare an appropriately filled out Outbound Shipment & Discrepancy Form with an Authorized signature approving the necessary Shipping Recharges. Required Categories on the Form are:

  • a Valid 8 digit State account#, or the affiliates name and account number.
  • the Valid authorized signature for the funding account that is paying for services. Shipping service issued will be expensed under Object Code 9200 (Central Stores Recharges).
  • the Shipping item # and qty being shipped.
  • the final delivery destination Building and Room# and contact person.
  • indicate PO, Return Authorization (RA) or Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number on the Shipping Form (if applicable)
  • In a rush? Call the DEPOT Reception desk at X- 1514 (718-270-1514) or you may visit us at the Downstate Depot-Mail Services (UH Rm ALL1-526). Enter thru Downstate Depot Reception Desk in UH Basement corridor opposite HIM (Medical Records). 

IFR accounts: Your requisition needs to be signed by the DHSU Budget Office to verify that the IFR account has available cash. Payment is processed via the normal DHSU recharge billing process or journal transfer from your IFR acct to CStores IFR acct.

Research Foundation Account Holders: The Research Foundation REQURIES an RF Purchase Requisition be submitted with the appropriate grant number (Project#, Task#, Award#). If your Vendor is paying for Shipping (Pre-Paid):

Processing of Your Shipment:

Submit Your Package with Your Outbound Shipment & Discrepancy Form. The form allows you to choose whether you want to deliver the shipment to Downstate Depot with the Form, or whether you prefer to have Downstate Depot pick up your shipment at your department.

Print off the completed Outbound Shipment & Discrepancy Form for signature.

  • eMail it to or interoffice mail to MSC61
  • Fax it to Downstate Depot at Ext 1266 (718-270-1266). We suggest you call the Reception Desk (X-1514) to be certain your fax was received.
  • E-Mail : You need to PRINT the form, have it SIGNED, then Scan & attach the SIGNED form to your email, or
  • Deliver the Package(s) and Form to Downstate Depot Reception Desk (UH Basement Rm B530D) .

Package(s) received at Downstate Depot prior to 4pm each day will be picked up by FedEx on same day. Packages received after 4pm will be picked up on the next business day. If you need expedited service, call Mail Services at Ext 1175 to make alternative arrangements for expedited delivery.

After Package Pickup: You can track your shipment or get email notifications from FedEx.

The onlkine FedEx tracking tool provides you with real-time status of your shipped package. Google "FedEx Track a Package" and enter the  tracking number. UPS provides similar online service - google "UPS Track a package".