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Mail Services: UH Rm B-530D, University Hospital basement level, adjacent to Central Stores & Receiving; across the hall from Medical Records/HIM.

Open Mon-Fri (except holidays ) 8:30am to 5pm; Telephone 718-270-1175.

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Your Downstate Mailing Address: REQUIRED Fields:

Your Full Name or Dept; MSC ___ (Required). (Your Mail Stop Code must appear above the street address line. Can add your Title, if desired)
SUNY Downstate (DHSU, UHD, or your affiliate company name are all acceptable)
450 Clarkson Ave (Required); UHD depts may use the street address 445 Lenox Rd- USPS mail arrives to same place)
Brooklyn NY 11203-2098 (Required)

DO NOT use the term "Box#" - Since 2013 it causes USPS processing delays of your incoming mail (more detail link). Automated USPS processing systems read an addressee and auto-sorts mail starting from the bottom line, upwards. Place your "MSC" next to recipients’ name or dept name. Subscription formats vary widely you may need to put MSC__ in the field for "Room/Ste". If youre still using the term "Box"# (link to more detail), you're causing delays in your own incoming USPS mail!

Your Downstate SHIPPING Address is Different! Incoming "Ship To" Addressing (link)


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Mail Services Tip to improve your incoming mail processing time:

Experiencing incoming USPS Mail delays? Often caused by using the word "Box#" or having it appear on the street address line of your mailing address. USPS automated systems 'read' the word Box and process the mail to a USPS PO Box #  causing mail processing delays. We began informing all Downstate offices in November 2013, but many have still not yet corrected their mailing address and stationery with your department's regular correspondents, as follows:

Act NOW to help avoid delays

Failure to correct mail lists and subscriptions causes the problem to just gets worse in future as mail lists are bought and sold.

Planning a 1st Class delivery large mailing? Give it a more professional look.

United States Postal Service (USPS) Stamps For your personal postage needs: Consider stocking up on Forever Stamps that are purchased at current USPS 1st class rates and can be used at ANY future date - avoiding future postage rate increases. Available for purchase on campus at the Gift Shop!

Mail Services Green Initiatives:

Think GreenMail Services is committed to providing our customers with efficient and cost effective services while minimizing negative effects to the environment. We are dedicated to using eco-friendly products and reducing our environmental impact to SUNY Downstate. We invite you to explore the green services, products, and tips detailed on this site.

Green Tips:

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Department of Administrative Services: Consolidated service units at a contiguous location to the extent practical, and commonly known as “Downstate Depot”, that currently includes: Central Receiving, Central Stores, Quick Copy Center, Mail/Messenger, Warehouse, and Property Control, and provides: