SUNY Downstate Supports the Longest Day in recognition of Alzheimer’s Awareness

The Alzheimer’s Association’s recognition of the Longest Day event is an annual initiative held on the summer solstice to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Participants engage in activities they love, symbolizing the endurance required by individuals with Alzheimer’s. People walk, dance, or organize gatherings from sunrise to sunset, showcasing their commitment to the cause. The event fosters unity and community while generating crucial awareness for research, care, and support. The Longest Day breaks silence and misconceptions about Alzheimer’s, spreading awareness and advocating for change. It embodies hope, resilience, and determination.

Here at Downstate, we get together for a group photo shoot with each other to amplify and share support for those struggling with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Downstate contributes to a compassionate society committed to finding a cure with this event. We can create a future where Alzheimer’s no longer steals memories and lives.

A limited number of “SUNY Downstate Supports The Longest Day” tee shirts were distributed to participants. 

SUNY Downstate Celebrates Alzheimer's Awareness