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The Applied Practice Experience (APEx) is a 1-credit course that provides the student with an opportunity to apply and translate knowledge, theory and skills learned in the classroom into practice within a professional public health setting. It is a planned, supervised, and evaluated field-based experience that can take place in a variety of agencies and organizations, involving some level of community engagement. An APEx is designed to strengthen foundational and concentration-specific public health competencies, complement the student’s interests, and advance professional and career goals.

The APEx places emphasis on community engagement, which is the process of working collaboratively with public health organizations and communities to address issues that affect the health and wellbeing of a community. The APEx project will include student work assignments and/or deliverables that must address the needs of the organization with which the student is placed.

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Photo Highlights

  • President Riley undergoes COVID-19 Surveillance Testing at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University.
  • DrPH Student, Lieutenant Nahima Hoque works with other Public Health Officers in the United States Air Force to set up mosquito traps and to conduct vector surveillance.
  • Children at a polio vaccination drive for an internally migrant population living near the border of Afghanistan in Pakistan. The children are showing the marks imprinted by the mobile vaccination team on the fifth finger of their left hand after giving them polio drops.
  • Dr. Abra Aziagbe-Zilevu presenting her Culminating Experience presentation on Addressing Childhood Obesity in Primary Care.
  • MPH students working with HIP2B Healthy Market to assist in providing fresh food to communities.
  • MPH students receiving FIT testing in preparation for serving on the COVID-19 Surveillance Testing team.
  • MPH students facilitating COVID-19 Surveillance Testing at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University.