Valet Parking

This Front Door Valet Parking Service will be discontinued after July 8, 2022.

Mondays through Fridays from 6am to 6pm (except holidays -link), located in front of the 445 Lenox Road hospital entrance at the valet parking booth. The fee is $30.00 / day. Upon arrival at 445Lenox, the valet attendant issues you a claim check ticket which has a QR barcode on it that you need to use to Pay any time before you leave at one of the Parking Kiosks located at: 

Hospital Building: 445 Lenox Rd Main Lobby (find it)

Public Health Building: 450 Clarkson Ave Lobby Alcove (find it)

How to use the Kiosk : Watch the video

Please Report any Kiosk Machine problem to 718-270-2900.

When leaving, show your payment receipt to the parking attendant.

Call 10 minutes in advance Ext 8800 (718-270-8800) to expedite the retrieval of your vehicle.

Late Vehicle Pick Ups: You must have your parking claim ticket receipt and valid ID!

After 6pm, go directly to 355 Lenox Rd parking lot where you can retrieve your car and keys . The 355 Lenox Rd parking lot closes at 10pm.

After 10pm, call DMC University Police at 718-270-2626. UPolice will assist you with picking up your keys at the Kings County Parking Garage Office (inside the 581 Clarkson Ave Garage). UPolice will then bring you to the 355Lenox Rd parking lot to retrieve your vehicle.

Valet Parking 5 year rate plan

Directions to SUNY Downstate and University Hospital of Brooklyn

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