Parking Office

Office Location: inside the University Police Building at 750 New York Ave (on corner of Clarkson Ave).

HOURS:   Normal business office hours are Mon to Fri. 9am to 3pm  Call first to be sure a staffmember is present .

PHONE 718-270-3030  eMail remains your best contact method. 

Mailing Address: SUNY Downstate Parking Office-MSC 104 ; 450 Clarkson Ave;  Brooklyn NY 11203-2098 , or via interoffice mail to 'Parking Office-MSC 104'. If returning a Parking Access Card by mail, be sure it is in a well-sealed envelope.

Downstate's Parking Office  authorizes ALL Monthly Parking lot location assignments issues Vehicle Parking Stickers (and a KCH Access card for KCH locations) and all lot transfer requests. AFTER  you receive a Parking Office authorized monthly lot assignment, the Faculty Student Association (FSA of DMC Inc.) administers parking daily operational and payment matters at ALL locations. Parking at SUNY Downstate facilities is very limited.

Reminder:   Parking rates  increase Jan1st of each year per the negotiated  5-year Parking Rate Plan . As per  centerwide announcement (link) Payment for Monthly Parking is required for the month even if you will not be on campus; with exception made only for HR approved Leaves of Absence.


Downstate Parking lot map (link) includes locations, hours, rate at each lot.

New Customers Requesting Monthly Parking

1. Sign up on wait list: Add your name to the Monthly Parking Wait List by eMail to: parkingwaitlist@downstate.eduInclude your lot location preference(s), and if applicable, your desired/ estimated future start date. See Parking Lot map link.

Note: new incoming students cannot apply for a Parking waitlist or set up a parking portal account until they have accepted their admission and obtain a eMail address.

2. After you receive a monthly parking offer from Parking Office: Set Up New Monthly Parking Portal instructions (link)

Monthly Parking Lot Transfers: Current Monthly Parking customers requesting Lot Transfers: send eMail to and include your contact info as well as your lot preference(s); lot map link.

Monthly Parking Office Process: When a monthly space vacancy becomes available, requested lot transfers are filled first based on the date of transfer request date. Remaining vacancies are then filled from the monthly parking wait list (new customers), in the date order of waitlist sign up. Hint: It’s typically more expeditious to first become a Monthly Parking customer at any available lot, then request a Lot Transfer to your preferred lot location(s), since lot vacancies are filled first from the Monthly Parking Lot Transfer list.

Be sure to check your Downstate email regularly. Parking Office solicitations to fill monthly parking vacancies are sent solely via email and include the deadline by which you must reply. As a reminder, if you are offered a monthly parking lot assignment and you decline or do not respond to the offer by the deadline given, your current position on the wait list reverts to the bottom of the wait list. If you have not responded after 30 days , your name is removed from the wait list and you must re-apply to the wait list.

If you cancel your monthly parking, or choose not to accept your current lot assignment/offer, you forfeit all Downstate Monthly parking privileges and your current seniority status. Should you desire any future monthly parking, you need to send eMail to to have your name added to the bottom of the monthly parking waiting list.

If your status changes: including Cancellations (link), Separation/Retirements, or official HR approved Leaves of Absence (link), you need to TIMELY notify the Parking Office. Send eMail to: and must be received prior to start of each monthly cycle (1st day of each month).