Infectious Diseases Patient Services

HIV Services

HIV care remains a core aspect of infectious disease training. Brooklyn hospitals continue to provide subspecialty care to a substantial population of HIV infected individuals. Our fellows and faculty provide care at several centers of excellence for HIV care.

Special Treatment And Research (STAR) at SUNY Downstate
Call: 718-270-3745

Center for Hope at Kings County Hospital Center
Call: 718-245-2800

HIV Services for Veterans at the Brooklyn Veterans Hospital
Call: 718-836-6600 ext 6343

Infectious Diseases Practice Group - Suite C

In our faculty practice space at 470 Clarkson Avenue staff are currently seeing patients on Monday afternoons by appointment for a wide range of ID related issues. These include but are not limited to:

  • Fever of unknown cause
  • Parasitic diseases
  • Fungal infections
  • Bone and joint infections
  • Infections of prosthetic devices (artificial devices, pacemakers, etc.)
  • Tuberculosis
  • Chronic lung infections
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Hepatitis

The clinic will not serve the management of newly referred HIV patients.
These individuals should be referred to the UHB STAR Clinic.

Infectious Diseases Health Center of Brooklyn

Our private office is available for the evaluation and management of gynecologic (women's health) infections.

For all appointments and directions call 718 270-1432.

  • When applicable, detailed referrals should accompany each new patient.

General Directions to SUNY Downstate

Direction to the Infectious Diseases Health Center, by car

  • FROM East 34 St. & LENOX ROAD GARAGE. Face the Medical Center. 445 Lenox Road entrance is on your right.
  • FROM THE CLARKSON AVE PARKING LOT: Turn right out of the lot. Walk to New York Ave. Turn right. Walk one block to Lenox Road. Turn left. Enter the hospital at 445 Lenox Road.
  • Enter the Hospital at 445 Lenox Road:
    1. Tell the security officer that you have an appointment with Dr. Augenbraun. (You will be required to show identification and get a visitor's pass.)
    2. Take the elevator to the 5th Floor.
    3. Face the side service elevator and turn left.
    4. Make a right at the end of the hallway. We are the last room on the right Call 270-1432 (extension 1432 within the medical center) if you get lost.

Kings County Hospital Center STD Services, Travel Clinic, Infectious Diseases Clinic

This unique clinic at Kings County Hospital features a full service laboratory with rapid HIV testing, state of the art diagnostics, and opportunities for immediate treatment.

Clinic sessions in E- Building 4th Floor on Tuesday and Friday afternoons as well as Wednesday monrings. Please call 718 245-2800 for specific times and directions.

Walk-ins without an appointment are welcome.

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