Student Center Policies

Any student or group of students planning an event on campus should be aware of the following policies:

  1. Alcohol

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted in public areas in the Student Center only through registration of the event at the Student Activities Office.

  2. Room Reservations

All events planned to be held in the Student Center must be approved and scheduled in advance to insure space availability and appropriate implementation.

Space may be reserved by student groups for approved meetings, social events, and recreational events by filing an application at Room 2-06 in the Student Center. Although information on space availability may be obtained by calling (718) 270-2487 during business hours. Reservations may not be made by telephone.

Space is limited - reservations for meeting rooms should be submitted at least two weeks in advance. Reservations for large events in the main lounge must be made at least one month in advance to permit adequate preparation time.

  3. Registration

For the sake of communication and avoidance of conflicting schedules, officially sponsored events must be registered so that they appear on the Student Center calendar of events.

  4. Bake Sales/Food Sales

No "home-made" food of any type may be sold on campus. All bake/food sales must utilize a licensed caterer/vendor.

  5. Vendor Sales

All sales must be scheduled and approved through the registration process. A mobile vending permit will be required. All applicants must contact the Faculty Student Association for applications for mobile vending permits. Permits must be displayed for the duration of the sale.

  6. Private Parties

Please note that SUNY policy prohibits the use of space for private parties.

7. Guest Policy

Members are allowed to bring up to two guests at a time. (Junior members are NOT allowed to bring guests.)

Guest fee is $5/guest.

Members must present their DOWNSTATE ID, (no Downstate Guest sticker will be allowed); and guest(s) must have a non-expired photo ID. Member and guest will both leave their IDs at the Information Desk while in the Student Center.

Member must remain with guest(s) at all times, and cannot leave the SC until their guest leaves..  

There are no restrictions as to what time members may bring a guest(s).