Mission Statement

The Student Center has been established to the further the educational mission and goals of SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University by offering programs and services which provide for the personal, professional, social and cultural development of the students, staff, faculty and alumni of SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University. In pursuit of this objective, the Student Center will:

  • provide programs and services which enhance the educational experience of students and which promote the successful accomplishment of academic goals;

  • design and implement programs and services which contribute to the growth and development of individual students, student groups, and the campus community as a whole;

  • coordinate, develop and implement programs, resources and services to assist members of the campus community in the planning and presentation of events;

  • encourage, develop and employ strategies for increasing interaction among the many diverse groups within our multicultural community;

  • insure the Student Center effectively serves its role as the campus community center, thereby creating and strengthening a strong sense of campus identity; and

  • provide and coordinate opportunities for the students to explore (and enhance) their individual skills and talents outside the classroom.