Suggested APEx Timeline

  • Attend Requited APEx Info Session
  • Complete 5 of the 6 SPH Core Courses (15 credit hours).
    Upon completion of BIOS 5200, CHSC 5206, EOHS 5200, EPID 5200, and HPMG 5206, students become eligible to commence their APEx.
  • Begin search for an APEx
    Please look at the APEx website or contact the APEx Coordinator
  • Identify an APEx site, APEx Preceptor, draft APEx Proposal Form, and complete Linkage Agreement 
    The student will contact the APEx Coordinator to receive a link to their individual APEx e-portfolio and a blank copy of the APEx Proposal Form.
    Working with their Preceptor, the student must draft the APEx Proposal form, which requires approval and signatures from their Faculty Advisor and Preceptor. 
  • Meet with Faculty Advisor 
    Students are required to meet with their Faculty Advisor to discuss their APEx Proposal. Their Faculty Advisor will approve the APEx Proposal if it meets all Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) Foundational Competencies and Concentration Competencies.
  • Commence APEx and Create APEx E-Portfolio
    Once the APEx proposal is completed, approved, and signed, students submit the signed APEx proposal to the APEx Coordinator via email. 

    It is advisable that students have a completed and signed APEx proposal in the semester prior to APEx registration.

    Students are permitted to start accumulating hours towards their APEx once the APEx Proposal is approved without registering for the course.

  • Register for APEx (PUBH 6500) on Banner
  • Student, Faculty and Preceptor Competency Assessment Forms
    These forms should be completed before the end of the APEx. The student will email the APEx Coordinator at to let them know they are nearing the end of their APEx. The APEx Coordinator will then send the student the link to the Student Competency Evaluation Form and the link to the Preceptor Evaluation Form, which the student will send to their Preceptor. Once the student has submitted their Student Competency Evaluation Form, the APEx Coordinator will email the student’s Faculty Advisor the link to the Faculty Advisor Evaluation Form.
  • Submit Total Hours & 2 Deliverables
    Students submit the Activity Log of the Total Hours worked and electronic copies of the two work products/ deliverables to their APEx E-Portfolio.
  • Check Out Meeting with APEx Coordinator
    All exit interviews must be completed one week prior to the semester's end (when final grades are due).