APEx: Requirements

The E-Portfolio is an electronic folder which stores all required APEx documents. Students add to and update the E-Portfolio with documents throughout their APEx. Students periodically meet with their faculty advisor to discuss progress and assess the level of competence throughout the program. All requirements and documentation must be completed and submitted to the APEx Coordinator before the student can earn his or her degree. Below is a summary of APEx requirements:

  1. Attend APEx info session held in the fall semester
  2. Registration for PUBH 6500 Applied Practice Experience- (1) one credit course (Pass/Fail)
  3. Completion of a minimum of 120 hours or more at an approved practice site
  4. Complete E-Portfolio:
    1. Approved and signed APEx Proposal Form
    2. Log for APEx Activity/Journal Log must be uploaded to E-Portfolio
    3. Completion of a minimum of two work products/deliverables that strengthen at least 5 public health competencies; at least 3 competencies must be Foundational Competencies (the remainder can be concentration specific)
    4. Student Competency Assessment Form
    5. Faculty Competency Assessment Form
    6. Preceptor Evaluation
  5. Participation in a Checkout Meeting with the APEx Coordinator