Finance Division

Thomas GrayWe have designed these web pages to provide easy and direct access to the critical services that the Finance Division provides you; we have combined descriptions of each of our departments with roadmaps to guide you through the processing of essential applications, forms and the policies that inform them.

The Finance Division exists to maintain and advance the financial health of Downstate Medical Center, with systems and controls for continuing oversight, interacting with students, faculty staff and patients to ensure a satisfying experience for everyone.”

- Richard Miller P.H.D., VP and CFO




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 Accounts Payable Accounts Payable
“We complete all State account related payments, verify and reconcile all invoices, including all department vouchers (e.g., travel vouchers, purchase order and contract payments).”
 Accounting Services Accounting Services
“The office of Accounting Services is responsible for providing institutional reporting services including (but not limited to): revenue/expense reports, bank reconciliations as well as the maintenance and training of Business Intelligence.”
 Administrative Services

Administrative Services
“As part of DHSU’s Supply Chain, we manage Central Receiving, Central Stores, Mail Services, Property Control, and Quick Copy Center (QCC) functions”

 Budge Planning Budget, Planning & Reporting
“We are responsible for the financial planning and analysis of Downstate’s vast resources, managing the budget process for funding sources including State Purpose, Hospital, Dormitory, Endowment and IFRs as well as operations and investment planning of HSCB Foundation and Downstate Technology Center.”
 Bursar Bursar
“The Bursar's Office bills and collects tuition, fees, room & board and other revenues. We also disburse financial aid and process refunds when necessary. We do this while providing financial counseling to students & families. We are here to provide you with excellent services and support support you in achieving your educational goals.”
 Card Service

Card Services
“Card Service's is designed to provide a more efficient means of making routine purchases by reducing paperwork and waiting time.”

 Contracts and Purchasing Contracts & Purchasing
“Our Department is the sole agent for State procurement functions at Downstate Medical Center. We ensure that all commitments made against State appropriations are executed in full compliance with the laws governing New York State purchasing activities. We provide step-by-step guidance through the forms and processes of the Supply Chain system.”
 fsa Faculty Student Association (FSA)
“FSA is a 501c3 Not for Profit Charitable corporation providing auxiliary services to the DMC community including Parking, Bookstore, Catering, Hospital Gift Shop, Laundry Machines, Mobil Vending Permits, Vending Machines, ATM, Zipcars, and a wide range of accounting services for campus organizations.”
 HSCBF HSCB Foundation (HSCBF)
“HSCBF is a501c3 Not for Profit Charitable corporation that is committed to the education and welfare of the Community. Critical funding initiatives include: the Masters in Public Health program; promoting research through the support of the new Advanced Biotechnology Incubator: and Community Health services that are welcoming and easily accessible. ”
 Hospital Services Hospital Finance
“We oversee and administer the entire budget, planning and review process of the University Hospital at Brooklyn (UHB): from the procurement of every element required for the execution and maintenance of hospital services to the oversight of care coordination. Our team works diligently to ensure the integrity of the UHB financial structure at Downstate Medical Center.”
 Payroll Payroll
“We ensure that all State employees at Downstate are paid accurately with correct withholdings and deductions—in the most timely manner possible.”
 Real Estate Real Estate
“The Real Estate Department is responsible for the management of all Downstate Medical Center property resources.”