Preparing Your Copy Job

Getting Ready

Sufficient planning time is required to insure quality and to expedite the actual reproduction to meet your completion deadlines. The final reproduced copy requires that you plan your printing needs for the most effective and efficient duplication method. For all duplication jobs, use of duplex (2 sided) copying is strongly encouraged to increase Downstate's sustainability program in all copying. The completed job is an important reflection of you, your department, the QCC, as well as Downstate Medical Center. Therefore the original material provided by the customer needs to be of the highest possible quality.

The QCC Staff can provide the best guidance by contacting them in advance…BEFORE you submit your Copy Job. Consulting the QCC in advance can provide you with recommended changes that can help save production time, increase quality, and cost effectiveness of your completed job.

Think GreenQCC Thinks Green. Whenever and wherever possible.

  • QCC uses 30% recycle content paper
  • Submit your originals in electronic format.
  • Always print as Double Sided (2 sided).

QCC accepts the following formats for Copy jobs:

Hard Copy documents. Originals must be clean, crisp, sharp, free of all dirt or extraneous marks, on white paper.

The following Electronic Formats may be submitted via email or external storage devices such as USB Flash Drive, CD or DVD:

  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • MS Word
  • MS Publisher
  • MS InfoPath

Mac users are asked to submit PDF & TIFF formats along with a hard copy (to assure layout is 'as intended').

Copyright Compliance

DMC is obligated to verify and comply with copyright laws. Be sure you have the legal permission if reproducing any copyrighted material. Copyright authorization can take significant lead time — Do this upfront in your job planning to avoid delays in processing.

Need Graphic Design Help?

Consult Downstate's Biomedical Communications department that provides design, layout, and large format printing services for Posters, Signs, Banners and Forms. Artwork services, and design of brochures, flyers, invitations, post cards, and other business communications are also available. Visit Biomedical Communications website.