Downstate Health Sciences University (DHSU) Letter Head, Business Cards & Pre-Printed Departmental Envelopes

DHSU Letterhead and stationery are covered under the Department of Office of Communications & Marketing Stationery Policy and Procedure (link). DHSU has a prescribed external vendor (DupliOnline) that produces business cards, letterhead and pre-printed departmental return address envelopes under that policy.

Save money by using the Standard DHSU envelopes!: Downstate Central Stores stocks and delivers pre-printed with the main DHSU address #10 envelopes and window envelopes , as well as plain white (unprinted)#10 envelopes,

DHSU Departments (Charged to State & IFR accounts) can process your order directly.

Instructions: Downstate Stationery Policy and Procedure..

DupliOnline allows you to create your stationery letterhead and business cards on-line in a prescribed template specifically for DHSU. The vendor has all original pre-authorized DHSU artwork and Logo. State account holders need to prepare your job online at DupliOnline, approve the proof copy and receive a DupliOnline job number.

Questions: State Account holders can call or e-mail Portia London-John at Extension 1123 (718-270-1123) in the State Purchasing Department.