Job Submittal

Submit your Job to the QCC:

University Hospital Room B-530D (adjacent to Mail Services, Central Receiving and Stores); Phone: 718-270-1117


All originals - either electronic formats or hard copy - QUALITY reproduction is important; it is a reflection of our campus/hospital image. A poor quality original will result in a poor reproduction and presents a reflection of you and/or your department and our entire organization.

  • If submitting Hard Copy documents: originals must be clean, crisp, sharp, free of all dirt or extraneous marks, on white paper (even if the final copies will be on colored paper), with good resolution and aligned page format
  • If submitting electronic format documents, send the original source document format file to Don't send a scanned version of a poor quality- always avoid using photocopies of a photocopy) 

Be sure you know and include the accurate Account Number; a.k.a. 'Accounting Unit (AU)' or 'function code' ) to be charged, and follow instructions below for your applicable funding source:

DHSU Departments (State and IFR Account holders):

The QCC Job Form is preferred for complicated jobs, but for simple copy jobs a normal Purchase Requisition will alternatively be accepted. Must include the Valid authorized signature for the funding account that is paying for services. 

  • For all jobs produced internally at the QCC, your State account must have available funds in the Printing/Duplicating Recharge Object Code 9500 to cover your estimated annual needs. If it does not, you will need to process a "Reassignment of Funds" Form through the DMC Budget Office, then provide the approved copy of the Reassignment of Funds Form (signed by the DMC Budget Office) to the QCC before your job is produced.
  • If your job requires the services of an external printing/copy vendor, the QCC will process your Job Form. For large dollar values and quantities, you may ber refferred to the State Purchasing Department for processing where a formal Purchasing Office issued PO# is necessary.

Research Foundation Accounts:

  • In addition to the QCC Job Form, the Research Foundation REQUIRES an RF Purchase Requisition be submitted with the appropriate grant number to be charged and signed in advance by BOTH the project director as well as O.R.A.

Other DHSU Affiliated Entities (FSA, UPB, and other DHSU Corporate Affiliates):

  • QCC Job Form. Please identify the affiliated entity's billing information in the body of the req: affiliate's name, person's name, box number, account number (if applicable), and signed by an authorized signatory for that account. The QCC will then invoice the affiliated entity for remittance.

Students and Staff (Personal Copy/Print Services):

DHSU Business Copying is the QCC's first priority. Personal jobs will be accepted provided workload can be accommodated and must be paid in advance at the DHSU Bursar (BSB Rm 1-128). Submit receipt for payment at QCC at time of submitting your work.