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The Medical Research Library of Brooklyn was founded in the merger of two medical libraries.  The first is the Library of the Medical Society of the County of Kings (1845) that was established in response to physician demand for current information necessary to practice medicine.  The second is the Library of the Long Island College of Medicine, which had its roots in the Hoagland Library of the Long Island College Hospital (Collegiate Division), which began educating students in 1860.  The merger of the libraries of these two great institutions in 1962 created the fifth largest medical library and the third largest medical school library in the nation at that time.

But time has not been kind.  We continue to serve students, faculty and staff with the same dedication and sense of service.  Even as the information needs of our patrons have risen, our ability to meet those needs have not.  Journal subscriptions start at $100 to as high as $25, 000 and above, per year.  As technology has changed, so has the way information is accessed and preserved, requiring us to look at new ways to assure that the information is available into the future.  To address these needs and enhance our services, we are embarking on a Giving Tree project to build endowments for the Library.  We hope to assure that those information needs  of our students, faculty, and staff are being met.

Join us as we seek to raise an endowment of $1, 000, 000 over the next three years, building a Giving Tree of knowledge for The Medical Research Library of Brooklyn.

A gift of as little as $25.00  to the Library Book or Journal Endowments helps us purchase library materials into the future.

A gift can be in celebration of an event such as a marriage or graduation or admission to one of our fine schools here at Downstate.  A gift to the Library can enhance the joy of that event and support the collection.

With gifts of $100.00 - $9,999.00 your gift will be inscribed on a leaf on our living wall of memories on the Library Giving Tree.  Giving levels range from bronze to gold, like the colors of autumn promising life renewal.

Acorns grow great oaks and a gift of $10,000 to $14, 999 will be honored as an Acorn on our tree.  Or perhaps if you are the first to give at this level you may wish to endow our Giving Tree.  A single gift of $10,000 will grow the tree to mark our commitment and the gifts others have given.

Donations of $15,000 to $19, 999 will be inscribed as a Branch of our tree and be honored with a Named endowment.

Larger gifts ( $20,000 - $49,999 ) may be honored with a named endowment and inscriptions in their honor will be placed on Paving Stones that stand at the foot of our tree.  Needless to say the larger the gift, the larger the stone that builds our foundation.

Remember, it is not size of the gift that counts, as each gift helps us better meet the needs of our patrons.  No gift is too small and all gifts will be acknowledged on the Library Web page  and in the yearly giving reports.


Contact us for additional information.

Office of Philanthropy, Box 93
The Medical Research Library of Brooklyn, Box 14

450 Clarkson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203

Library: 718-270-7410
Office of Philanthropy: 718-270-4418