Dates & Deadlines, Interviews, NRMP

Dates & Deadlines

Applications for the pediatric residency program (for all categorical, advanced and preliminary positions) are downloaded from ERAS beginning September 1 of each year.

The deadline for initial submission of an application is December 31.

Although interviews may be offered prior to receiving all application components, the application should contain all required supporting documents and be as complete as possible prior to any scheduled interview date. All required material must be received prior to finalization of the Program's rank order list in mid-February.


Interview days are an essential part of the residency application/resident selection/program selection process. While the interview is required as part of your application, the interview day and visit to Downstate plays an even more important role in your selection of a residency training program. As such, most of the interview day is geared to personally introducing you to the program, answering your questions and giving you an opportunity to experience some of what we have to offer. Applicants selected for interview are determined based on careful screening of ERAS application materials received. Selected applicants will be invited (by email) for interviews to be held from November through January. Only invited and scheduled applicants will be interviewed.

National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)

Residency positions for the academic cycle beginning in July of each year for the categorical pediatrics or preliminary pediatrics program are generally filled through the National Residency Matching Program. As such, we comply with all guidelines, regulations and timetables established by the N.R.M.P.