Residency Training Program in General Pediatrics

Acute Care Experiences

Emergency and Acute Care at Kings County Hospital Center
The acute care experience at Kings County Hospital's Pediatric Emergency Room is a unique highlight of the program. With about 50,000 pediatric visits per year, this site is the major pediatric trauma, acute urgent care facility for a Brooklyn population of close to 1,000,000 children. Our residents have a great deal of hands-on experience and develop a tremendous sense of confidence because the setting is so vibrant and rich in pathology. Residents are involved in all procedures, emergencies and resuscitations. Very few other programs rival this exposure to and experience in handling of major emergencies. The emergency area is directed and mostly staffed by faculty dual certified in pediatrics or emergency medicine, and pediatric emergency medicine as well as some attending pediatricians who see patients and supervise and educate housestaff. In addition to pediatric residents, the Pediatric Emergency Department hosts residents from the Departments of Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Surgery, Orthopedics and other consultant services.

Emergency and Acute Care at University Hospital of Brooklyn (Children's Hospital at Downstate)
When it opened just a few years ago, the new and then subsequently expanded and renovated Acute Care Receiving Center at Downstate experienced a surge in pediatric emergency and acute care visits. The Center, now designated a 911 EMS receiving facility evaluates and treats over 18,000 pediatric patients per year. Infants, children and adolescents are cared for in a separate and distinct pediatric emergency unit. Attending staff supervising residents in the ACRC are dual certified in Pediatrics or Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Other ACRC staff members include pediatricians and emergency medicine physicians. Many of the emergency medicine staff in the ACRC also work in the Pediatric ER at KCHC. The ACRC is however distinctly different from KCHC in at least two ways. First, the ACRC is the referral center for evaluation of thousands of patients with chronic and complex illnesses followed by the pediatric subspecialties at Downstate. Second, the ACRC is a referral center for evaluation and often for admission of many of the patients followed by private pediatricians throughout central Brooklyn.