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Promoting Health in Haiti Program

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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University College of Nursing in partnership with the University d’Etat d’Haiti are collaborating on research and scholarship initiatives for nursing students. These initiatives are supported by three overarching principles: 

  • Each university values research and the need for sharing knowledge, data and findings as a result of this collaboration.
  • Each university values participation in joint research and higher education partnerships and building the capacity of health professions and systems in service to Haiti.
  • Each university supports nursing students with a strong commitment of providing service to the Haitian people and their institutions, schools and hospitals.

Our First Graduate!


Blandine Jean-Louis, DNP, FNP, RN

My desire to better understand nursing science following the doctoral program at Downstate Health Sciences University College of nursing has been achieved.

With this study, I am able to:

  • Actively participate in achieving the triple goal of health care: improve the experience of patient care, improve the health of populations and reduce the cost of health care per capita.
  • Develop a family nurse practitioner post-doctoral program in Haiti.
  • Supervise and train future family nurse practitioners where I have already started as an academic manager.

Convocation Ceremony December 2O, 2022: Celebrating our first international graduate from our Global Partnership


Left to right: Dr. Sarah Marshal, Dr. Joanne Ritter-Teitel, Dr Kathleen Bratby, Dr. Blandine Jean-Louis, Dr. Carmelle Bellefleur, Dr. Lori Escallier, Dr. Nataliya Shaforost, Dr. Henri Desrosiers.

About Promoting Health In Haiti

If we grab a hand and take a stand, we’ll see a change that we demand.

logoPromoting Health In Haiti is a 501c (3) organization dedicated solely to support nursing education in Haiti. Promoting Health In Haiti partnered with Haiti State University to create the first Nurse Practitioner Program that began in April 2015.

Nurses are the front-line of health and wellness in a society. They are the primary source of care for individuals who are suffering and vulnerable. Promoting Health In Haiti was founded to provide support for Haitian schools of nursing. The organization’s goal is to create collaborations between North American and Haitian schools of nursing, in order to develop Bachelor’s level and Master’s level nursing education; so that nurses will have the training they need to provide the complex care they are called on to deliver, in hospitals and in outpatient settings.

At Promoting Health in Haiti, we’re committed to the fundamentals of nursing that include advocating for others, providing care, and education. We seek to improve health in Haiti through enhancing nursing education and nursing knowledge. With the help of the dedicated nursing students of HBSON, we are able to educate peers about the crisis in Haiti, the need for higher education nurses, and the impact every donation has on the future of nursing. To all those with whom we have had the privilege of working with, thank you.


In order to secure the sustainability of the program, PHH is now educating two top graduates from the first cohort in the United States at the doctoral level. These students will be expected to take over the program at the University of Haiti. Students were selected based on their academic achievement in the program, their ability to speak English, and their desire to remain in Haiti and take over the program. The students are now enrolled at SUNY Downstate in the Doctorate of Nursing Practice Program and are attending classes on line.

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