Card Replacement

Replacement Fee:

Card Replacements are processed at the DownstateCard Office; the replacement fee is $40. All DownstateCard holders must submit their previous DownstateCard before being eligible to receive any new DownstateCard. If you do not have your previous card, you will be charged the $40 replacement fee (even if your status has changed). Before any replacement is issued, the DCard Office will reverify the cardholder's status with the applicable DMC office that initially authorized issue of the DCard.

Lost/Stolen Cards:

Any such "missing" card becomes a security concern to everyone at Downstate Medical Center. You must immediately report your card lost or stolen to the DownstateCard office at 718-270-4600, and you will be charged the card replacement fee to receive a new card.

Damaged and Misused Cards:

Cardholder damage or misuse includes, but not limited to, the following common cardholder errors: having the card go through the laundry (washer or dryer), leaving the card on any hot surface (car dashboard or windowsill exposed to intense sun, a stove or radiator), leaving the card on an electronic devise (a stereo), dropping the card in a puddle, using the card to pick a door jam lock, using the edge of the card as a screwdriver, and any alterations to the information on the card (trying to change your title, dept or an expiration date, etc...).

Return of Card upon Separation from DHSU:

If your DownstateCard is lost, you will be charged the fee to receive a LETTER authorizing release of your graduation diploma (for students) or final paycheck (for staff) or to be issued a new card if you continue to be a Downstate student or employee - even if your status has changed in any way.

Confiscated Cards:

If an expired DownstateCard is confiscated at a DMC entrance by University Police, University Police will issue a receipt to you. That receipt is necessary to be submitted at the DownstateCard office at the time you come for a new ID to avoid being charged a card replacement fee.