DownstateCard FAQ

Your social security number has been replaced with a Downstate-issued Universal ID#, a unique 16-digit number. It is the number that appears at the bottom left of your card. Your personal information is securely encoded and stored in a secure campus database computer and not on your card.

Immediately report the loss of your ID to the DownstateCard hotline at (718) 270-4600 to invalidate your card. Then, come to the DownstateCard office to receive a replacement card. There is a $20.00 fee for replacement.

No. For your own protection your old card will be cancelled and you will be issued a new number. Once you receive your new card you need to notify the following:

  • Residence Halls: If you reside at 440 Lenox, 811NYA or 825NYA, inform the Residential Life & Services Department to update your record.
  • Library: On your next visit, advise the Library that you have a new library number.