Stationery Policy




A standard stationery format helps SUNY Downstate project an identifiable and consistent graphic image on letterhead and on business cards.
The guidelines for letterhead, envelopes, business cards and memo pads are listed below.



Please note that while the ordering process below is valid, items on Dupli Online are currently being updated to our new brand. Please only purchase stationary or business cards if absolutely neccessary. Updated, digital stationary is available here.

PCard Payment

SUNY Downstate has designated Dupli Printing as the official source for letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and memo pads. Dupli has created online templates to compose, view, and order stationery products directly. 

To order:

  1. Go to DupliOnline
  2. Look for the Online Login fields:


  1. Enter Downstate account code, ID, and password information as follows:
    (all three "downstate" with a lower-case "d." )
  2. The next page will require you to create a secure individual user account.
  3. Follow the prompts to create an order; view and approve proofs; or to track an order. (When you complete an order, an "order number" will be created and displayed in the upper right hand corner. Keep this number for confirmation and tracking purposes).
  4. You can now go directly to the check out page and use you Pcard to complete the transaction.
  5. Upon completion you will an email with your confirmation information along with your order number.
    Please keep this information as it will be helpful when you wish to track your order.

Non-state Affiliate Funding Sources

Downstate affiliates that do not have state accounts can order stationery from Dupli Printing through the Quick Copy Center (QCC), which will handle the transaction as a recharge. See (Quick Copy Center ). The Quick Copy Center is located at UHD A1-530A (University Hospital at Downstate basement, inside Downstate Depot, opposite Medical Records). .

To order using this method, affiliates should:

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
  2. Submit a purchase requisition to the Quick Copy Center (Box 34; Fax,3724). The requisition must identify the affiliated entity's billing information in the "Charge to" section, be signed by an authorized signatory for that account, and reference the Duplionline Order number. The QCC will pay the vendor, and the affiliate will reimburse the QCC for the same amount.
  3. When the completed job is received from Duplionline, the Quick Copy Center will invoice the DMC affiliated company. Affiliate payment will be made payable to "SUNY Account 90081500" (the QCC's IFR account).


Standard Format:

The SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University graphic standards include such features as the use of the Center logo, the name of the institution, paper stock, ink color, and typeface. All letterhead and stationery must conform to these standards regardless of funding source and regardless of whether an outside vendor is selected to produce the material.


(paper stock: classic crest white)
(ink color: PMS 2767 C)

Letterhead - MS Word

Use of Titles

Only Deans, Department Chairpersons, and Division Chiefs may, upon request, have their names included on the letterhead along with their title or titles. The other features of the letterhead must conform to the institutional standard.

Deviation from Standard Format

The Director of New Media Services must expressly authorize the use of logos by campus-affiliated organizations or any design features deviating from SUNY Downstate's graphic standards used by a department to market integrated services or, in his or her discretion, any other purpose which would further the mission of Downstate.

Business Cards

Faculty and personnel are encouraged to order their business cards from Dupli Online as a strict standard format has been put in place to ensure consistency. Please note: While placeholder business card with the new logo are available for order from Dupli Online, we ask that you refrain from ordering new cards unless absolutely neccessary until our new brand templates are in place.

Business Card Sample

Memo Pads

All faculty and personnel at or above the level of director may order personalized note and memo pads provided the design conforms to an institutional standard and funding is available.