Message from the Chair

Photo of Robert Wong

Robert K.S. Wong, PhD
Distinguished Professor and Chair

Our faculty members are a vibrant group of internationally-recognized scientists with research interests ranging from the neurobiology of learning and memory, learning disabilities and Alzheimer's disease to the basic mechanisms of epilepsy and the regulation of ion channels, and from the consequences and treatment of traumatic brain injury to the translational control of neuronal signaling. Biomedical research is advancing globally at an explosive pace, and our department remains at the cutting edge. We have successfully forged collaborative, synergistic relationships with basic and clinical scientists across many disciplines and departments at Downstate, placing us at the forefront of translational research. The Department also benefits from successful collaborative efforts within the extensive State University of New York system, as well as with other regional and international research institutions and companies. This cooperative spirit provides a rich, supportive training environment for predoctoral students and post-graduate basic and clinical investigators. Our faculty is also deeply committed to the teaching mission of the University, and fosters a variety of opportunities for students and trainees to further develop their interests and skillset within the instructional realm of academic medicine.

I encourage you to explore the research interests of our faculty on our website  Please feel free to contact me, or any other faculty member in our Department, for further information about the research opportunities available within the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology.