What We Do

I&P performs a number of functions that can be grouped chiefly into the 4 categories of Transactional, Intellectual Property Management, Business Development, and Service & Compliance.


  • Negotiate and Manage Technology License Agreements
  • Execute Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)
  • Execute Confidentiality Agreements (CDA)
  • Implement IP Provisions in Industry Research and Collaboration Agreements

Intellectual Property Management:

  • Evaluate New SUNY Downstate Invention Disclosures
  • File Patent Applications (using external patent professionals)
  • Liaise between investigator inventors and patent attorneys during patent prosecution
  • Manage instructions and correspondence with US and foreign patent offices.
  • Establish Inter-institutional IP management and commercialization agreements.

Business Development:

  • Market and promote SUNY Downstate Technologies to:
    • Established Companies
    • Emerging Companies
    • Venture Capital Investors
    • Seed Capital Investors
    • Entrepreneurial Communities
  • Identify diverse funding sources for startup companies based on Downstate technologies
  • Solicit and scout new SUNY Downstate inventions

Service & Compliance:

  • Assist investigators with intellectual property development and market analysis
  • Assist investigators with corporate engagement and collaboration
  • Manage the distribution of license revenues to inventors
  • Manage licensee compliance with existing License Agreements
  • Work with investigators on SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund and corporate RFPs
  • Manage IP compliance with Federal and other granting agencies and research sponsors.