Forms, Agreements & Policies

New Invention Disclosure Form

If you believe you have an invention that should be considered for patent protection, please submit it using the SUNY Inventor Portal. Feel free to contact us for discussion about your concepts and data at any time before or subsequent to submitting your disclosure or for assistance in completing the form. In any case, you will be contacted to participate in the evaluation of the disclosure.

Important Note: It is imperative that any patent applications to be filed are received in the patent office prior to public disclosure of your invention such as journal publications, meeting abstracts, poster presentations etc. Please inform us of any imminent public disclosure well in advance of the date of disclosure, to allow time for invention evaluation and patent attorney consultation.

Material Transfer Agreements

Please contact us for:

  • Review and signature for incoming agreements (Downstate Investigator is receiving material from an external academic or commercial party).
  • Outgoing agreements (an outgoing MTA is required for any research materials to be transferred to another academic/non-profit institution or for-profit entity.)

Confidentiality Agreements (CDA or NDA)

OTC must review and approve any Confidentiality Agreement, provided by an external party to a Downstate investigator, with a purpose of protecting the confidential information of the provider, or both the provider and the Downstate investigator. OTC will provide the appropriate CDA form to cover disclosures of SUNY-RF (i.e. investigator) confidential information to non-academic parties either unidirectional or in connection with the other party also expecting to disclose confidential information. [Note that the traditional exchange of pre-publication research concepts or results between academic collaborators is not normally formalized with a written confidentiality agreement made between the academic institutions.]

Please contact us if you have questions about confidentiality agreements, or require approval or preparation of a CDA.


Technologies Available

A wide range of biomedical technologies, including: medical devices, instrumentation, research tools, and therapeutic and diagnostic compositions or methods, comprise the SUNY Downstate patents and inventions portfolio.

Please visit SUNY TechConnect for our available technologies.