Our color palette is an integral part of our brand identity. The identity relies primarily on a rich "Downstate" navy, and a dark royal blue. Secondary colors include purple, sea green, and three grays.

The rich "Downstate" navy blue plays a prominent role in headlines and in creating dark backgrounds for lighter text to stand out on. The sea green and purple are used in areas that draw attention, such as in text highlights, calls to action, banners and callouts. Secondary colors should only be used in limited doses throughout layouts; as needed to add interest or variation.

Primary Colors


photo of Blue

R0 G39 B115
HEX 002773
C100 M75 Y0 K15
PMS 2945 C

Dark Blue

photo of Dark Blue

R6 G17 B61
HEX 06113D
C100 M85 Y10 K50
PMS 2767 C

Secondary Colors


photo of Purple

R108 G46 B153
HEX 6C2E99
C75 M90 Y0 K0
PMS 2089 C

Dark Purple

photo of Dark Purple

R48 G10 B97
HEX 300A61
C85 M100 Y0 K35
PMS 2685 C


photo of Green

R25 G185 B146
HEX 199E92
C80 M0 Y45 K0
PMS 2397 C

Dark Green

photo of Dark Green

R7 G63 B66
HEX 073F42
C95 M10 Y55 K65
PMS 7722 C

Light Gray

photo of Light Gray

R209 G222 B230
C5 M0 Y0 K25
PMS 643 C

Medium Gray

photo of Medium Gray

R125 G141 B153
HEX 7D8D99
C25 M2 Y15 K60
PMS 5425 C

Dark Gray

photo of Dark Gray

R52 G59 B64
HEX 343B40
C25 M6 Y15 K85
PMS 7545 C