SUNY Downstate Council

Established by Section 356 of the New York State Education Law, the SUNY Council of Downstate consists of ten members – nine appointed by the Governor for seven-year terms (to serve without compensation), the tenth elected by and from Downstate's students for a one-year term. At Downstate, to expand student representation, a second, nonvoting, student is also elected annually. Also invited to attend is a representative of the College of Medicine Alumni Association and the Faculty.  The President and senior leadership of Downstate are the primary respondents charged with addressing the Council with regard to matters within its purview.

As provided in law and by SUNY Board of Trustees policies, Downstate's SUNY Council, among other duties, reviews all major plans of the College, its budgets, administration of physical plant and grounds, rules governing student behavior and conduct, naming of buildings and grounds, and recommends candidates for appointment as President of the College. Regular Meetings of the Council occur quarterly in accordance with the State Education Law.

Association of Council Members and Council Trustees of the State University of New York

ACT Handbook:

Downstate SUNY Council Members

Reverend Dr. Kirkpatrick Cohall, Chair

Michael Connors, Esq.

Hailey Huddelston, Voting Student Member

Samantha Ringstaff, Nonvoting Student Member

Mirian Zavala, DNS, RN


Ex Officio:

Dr. Constance Shames

Marlene Diethrich Heath

2018 – 2019 Meeting Schedule

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