Off Campus Support

Classroom Services provides logistical and planning support for off-campus events.  

Classroom Services does not provide personnel or stock equipment for off-campus events.  

While we do not have resourses to provide Downstate personnel or equipment for off-campus events, we are happy to help coordinate with local venue support personnel and/or coordinate 3rd party AV Support to assure that your remote activities are successful.  This coordination service includes:

  • Prior consultation on AV requirements for off-site events.   Note that with new venues, several weeks notice should be budgeted to assure complete vetting of available resources and procure additional ones.  
    • In some cases, Classroom Services can provide an advance site visit for VIP events to assure the appropriateness of the venue for the described event. 
  • Discussion of available site personnel and equipment with the venue on-site staff.  
  • Procurement of pricing for any required 3rd-party AV service providers.