Audio Visual Services


Since September 1, 2002 we have made our delivery efforts more focused. We have limited deliveries to certain locations throughout the facility. In so doing we are now more capable of fulfilling our departmental obligation to curricular based activities. More time is now allotted to instructors who need technical assistance and we are able to respond quicker to AV emergency in any Lecture Hall. (View memo on service change)

Last Minute Requests

Any request for media received within a minimum two business days or less (same day as needed), is considered a Last Minute Request. Last Minute Requests maybe denied for the following reasons.

  1. Availability of the requested equipment
  2. Current volume of work booked on that day or date and time.
  3. Level of technicality and number of technicians needed to fulfill request.
  4. Number of times requesting department have requested Last Minute equipment and or services.


  • We offer computer compatibility tests with our LCD projectors.
  • Assistance in planning the Audio Visual aspects of your events.
  • Recommendations on AV equipment purchases.
  • Demonstration on how to use any Audio Visual equipment in our inventory.
  • Technical assistance is a service provided whenever there will be Audio Visual equipment usage.
  • All rooms are prepared in advance of your arrival.
  • However, if you have a specific request technical assistance can be arranged for that purpose.