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The National Board for Certification of Training Administrators in Graduate Medical Education (TAGME) was established to advance the profession of those who manage residency and fellowship programs. By creating an assessment process that requires the demonstration of a high-level of competence and expertise in GME program management, TAGME certification has set the standard for administrators, coordinators, and mangers since 2005. Successful attainment of the C-TAGME credential provides employers , colleagues, and the public with the assurance that certified administrators possess the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to perform their duties in a professional and competent manner.

Dr. Teresa Y. Smith's | TAGME Intro

Message from Dr. Teresa Smith

Hello to all of our program coordinators I am Dr. Teresa Smith the associate dean of GME and affiliations and a professor of clinical emergency medicine as a former program director and leader of GME I can say without a doubt that our program coordinators are the backbone of our training programs it is you the program coordinators that really define the excellence within our residencies and our fellowships and for that I must thank you it is also important for us to turn the spotlight on you for all the behind-the-scenes leadership skills that you all display

A part of the ACGME professionalism competency is well-being and self-care. We should take that to also mean for ourselves as leaders. A part of your well-being is not only taking care of your own wellness so that you can care for others in this case our learners but also empowering yourself in your own professional development. And getting the leadership skills that will make you continue to be excellent and evolve as leaders. And it is for this reason that I am most proud of our coordinators  in their pursuit for TAGME certification.

There’s an old ancient Roman parable about a king who ask his most respected members of his court to get a message delivered. He hands over the scroll to his top leading officer and says get this message to Garcia. The leading officer says yes king, but who is Garcia. The king looks at the messenger takes back the scroll, and turns to find the second in command and he says get this message to Garcia.  The second in command realizing the mistake of his boss, says no problem King. I will get this to Garcia if you could just give me the location of Garcia I will make sure to get it to him right away. Now very frustrated the king turns to a servant who is in the corner you there, you get this message to Garcia.  The servant without questioning  looks takes the scroll and goes off. Some time later the king see the servant and says did you do as I asked. The servant says yes King I got the message to Garcia. This servant didn't ask who Garcia was or where Garcia was, but just got the job done. That is the leadership that we are often called to do in our healthcare system is to just get the job done and figure it out. I can assure you that our program coordinators are this type of leader. 

So as you continue to pursue your own professional development know that making yourself better and wiser as a leader, makes you better at your job and creates better learning environments for your trainees. 

The esteemed Michelle Obama said:

"You may live in the world as it is but you can work to create the world as it should be."

And this is what we call upon all our program coordinators to do. Create programs and clinical learning environments that are better than you found them. 

TAGME: Training Administrators for Graduate Medical Education

TAGME Certified Coordinators

TAGME Certified Coordinator Original Certification Year MOC Year
Juliet Arthur, MHA, C-TAGME 2017 2022
Gloria Jorge, C-TAGME 2009 2025
Chantal Littrean, MPH, C-TAGME 2017 2022
Debra Owens, MSEd, C-TAGME 2017 2022
Natasha Henry, C-TAGME 2020 2025
Mariaverna Sevilla, C-TAGME 2020 2025