Awards and Recognitions

It is one of the RPCF's goals to recognize the outstanding contributions that coordinators make to the profession, each other and both the GME and medical communities at large. With that being said, we are pleased to list the following coordinator awards and recognitions:



Coordinator of Year: Shelly Anthony, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship




Lois Cooper

Outstanding contribution to the education/support of fellow coordinators during COVID-19 pandemic: Lois Cooper, Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Programs

"I would like to thank the R.P.C.F Planning and Executive Committees for the recognition. And thank you to all the Residency/Fellowship coordinator for all the support and hard work done on a daily. Teamwork makes the dream work!"


photo of Natasha Henry

Continued self-development during COVID-19 pandemic: Natasha Henry, Pathology Residency Program
“Thank you to the RPCF Executive and Planning Committees for acknowledging my contributions to the institution and honoring me with the 2021 Recognition Award for continued self-development during the COVID-19 Pandemic.”


Nathalie Mendez Outstanding humanitarian contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic: Nathalie Mendez, Dermatology Residency Program

"Thank you so much. I’m truly honored and humbled to receive this award. The RFPC Executive committees have given us, the coordinators, an amazing and supportive community which has allowed our individual talents to shine. A special thank you to Juliet, Debra, Natalie and Kino for their tireless work in coordinating this beneficial conference for us. I look forward to continuing to be a part of and supporting the RFPC and Downstate community. This institution is my home away from home; and I consider the coordinators and many others in Downstate my extended family"


Juliet Arthur

Outstanding contribution in the support of Graduate Medical Education during COVID-19 pandemic: Juliet Arthur, Psychiatry Residency Program
"I would love to send a heartfelt Thank You to the RCPF Planning and Executive Committees for the choosing as the awardee for the “Outstanding Contribution in the Support of Graduate Medical Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic” Recognition Award 2020. We all know that 2020 was a very tough year for us all. We had to think and work outside of our normal parameters instituting new ways to interview, hold didactics and everything in the “new normal” – the virtually. It has been a pleasure working with the DIO, faculty, residents and fellow coordinators to help create guidelines, techniques and protocols that would be used for virtual interviewing as well as being part of the process for new endeavors implemented by the GME. This recognition shows that if we work together, we will always overcome no matter how difficult the situation or circumstance."


Kino Williams

Outstanding humanitarian contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic: Kino Williams, Radiation Oncology Residency Program

"I would like to thank the RPCF Planning Committee for this recognition, as it was an act of kindness and a labor of love. It started because of my aunt, Catherine King, wanting to give back to Downstate as it was here where she was treated for cancer. And from that, the initiative just took on a life of its own and we were able to give a hot meal to every weekend member of clinical staff for months and months. It also shows that we all can contribute in whatever way we can!"