Donations to the Division of Infectious Diseases Fund

Donations to the SUNY Downstate College of Medicine Division of Infectious are graciously accepted.

Support our research efforts

Members of the SUNY Downstate Infectious Diseases Division are currently engaged in several important areas of study: the natural history of HIV infection, the diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted infections and other gynecologic infections and the processes behind antimicrobial resistance and hospital acquired infections. Donations to support these efforts could be used to help upgrade and support laboratory facilities within the department or help hire and retain ancillary staff needed to run research programs.

Support our educational effort

Our faculty provide instruction in microbiology and clinical infectious diseases to a wide range of trainees including medical students throughout the medical school curriculum, Physician's Assistant students, Pharmacy Internal Medicine and Ob-Gyn residents, and Infectious Diseases fellows. Our fellowship program is a two year program with an entering class of four fellows. Funds donated in this area could be used to procure textbooks, other instructional materials, or help to defray the cost of sending trainees and students to important educational meetings.

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