Infectious Diseases

Welcome to SUNY Downstate, Division of Infectious Diseases

The Division of Infectious Diseases Medicine at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University is now and has been over the last few decades at the forefront of many of the most exciting challenges in Medicine. From HIV research and care to enigmas of tropical medicine and transplant immunosuppression and the daunting problems posed by multidrug-resistant pathogens our team of clinicians, educators and researchers have had the opportunity to learn about and manage an astonishing range of pathologic conditions. Our busy campus located in the middle of Brooklyn is inarguably one of the finest places to see and take care of patients with a host of infectious diseases problems unlikely to be seen at many other institutions. Close knit support from our superbly trained colleagues in pharmacy and clinical microbiology is outstanding and enable the division to function at the highest level.

We operate several multi-specialty clinics including the largest NYC-sponsored HIV Care Center. These clinics have a wide range of ancillary support services including resources for LGBTQ patients, those with substance abuse issues, and those coinfected with hepatitis C and B. Additionally we operate the only non NYS sponsored STI Clinic equipped with on-site stat lab facilities and rapid access to directly delivered medications. We have been regular recipients of grant support from the NIH, the NYS AIDs Institute, the NYC-DOHMH and from clinical trials sponsored by industry.

In sum, the SUNY Downstate Infectious Diseases Section offers unparalleled opportunities for patient care, training and research. Contact us for further information regarding any of these activities.