Wellness at Downstate

At Downstate your wellbeing is of utmost importance to us. While everyone has their own ways of addressing the challenges posed by residency, there's a lot that we do as a family:

  • Organized social events such as Poconos ski trip and open mic night
  • Annual Prospect Park Picnic/Smorgasbourg outing
  • Happy Hours!
  • Social Journal Club events with faculty
  • Program leadership receptive to our concerns and encourage resident participation in all major decisions

Wellness Committee

The main role of the Wellness Committee is to communicate, participate, motivate, and support the Internal Medicine wellness program in order to create a healthy, worksite and overall culture of wellness. The committee is comprised of two Wellness Chief Residents and two Wellness Presidents along with residents from the program that collectively help run the committee itself. 


Ridhima Goel, MBBS
Wellness Chief


GME Resident / Fellow Wellness website

  • Competitive salary
  • Health insurance includes spouse/domestic partner, and children
  • Optional Retirement Savings Plan
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Paid sick leave
  • Four weeks of vacation each year
  • Funding if presenting at regional or national meetings.

Table: Sample payroll which is updated every year.

  SUNY - University Hospital Brooklyn State Payroll Level for Residents
PGY Level  
PGY 1 $62,307
PGY 2 $66,679
PGY 3 $70,677
PG Y 4 $74,677
PGY 5 $78,672
PGY 6 $82,663
PGY 7 $91,601
Living Allowance $2,500
Location Stipend $3,026

The Big Sibling-Little Sibling program is a resident-led initiative to connect the new class of interns with their colleagues. Prior to starting residency, an incoming intern or "Little Sibling" can choose to join the peer mentoring program to be matched with a senior resident or "Big Sibling." In order to offer psychosocial support and develop professional competencies, senior residents are available to answer questions, help acclimate to the new location, offer advice on managing life outside of the hospital, and provide guidance for professional career goals. The creation of these formative relationships between residents allows interns to begin their next phase of training in a safe and supportive environment and also addresses burnout by building a community that provides a sense of belonging.


Ridhima Goel PGY3
Program Chief