Traditional Categorical Track

 This is a fully accredited three years training program. We are an X+Y system and our curriculum is designed on a 4+2 model. Residents get a comprehensive and well rounded training both in the inpatient and the outpatient settings. During the 4 week X blocks, residents rotate through inpatient floors, critical care units, the Kings County emergency department and elective/coverage. During their ambulatory blocks, the residents see their own panel of patients in the continuity clinic and rotate through various sub specialty clinics to get a diverse training experience. All residents who are involved in research projects have the opportunity to get dedicated time for research on their Y block and they also get faculty support and help as needed. This 4+2 model enhances the learning experience of residents on one hand while ensuring a good work life balance on the other hand.

Preliminary Medicine

This is a one year experience designed as a clinical base year for those entering a specialty like Radiology or Anesthesiology that requires initial experience in Internal Medicine. This is not equivalent to a transitional year where interns rotate through multiple specialties for a few months each. The schedule for the preliminary year is the same as that for the categorical program, with a few exceptions. Preliminary residents do not attend a continuity clinic and they may substitute elective experience for their ambulatory block months.

Research Track

 The purpose of the Research Track is to ensure residents receive adequate instruction on the fundamentals of research, to ensure productivity in research, and to encourage careers in academic medicine. The program will accept 3 residents from the PGY-1 class each year. Residents will be paired with a medical student and a senior resident. Residents will attend a lecture series throughout the year; speakers will be current faculty and guest speakers. Teams will receive guidance to help them get their projects finished from beginning to end. Participation in this Research Track will not require any additional training time. The only time requirement is to devote certain elective time toward research. Residents who complete the Research Track will graduate with a Certificate in Research.


Beginning in July 2014, SUNY Downstate Medical Center started to offer an HIV specialty track option within the Categorical Internal Medicine Residency Program.The HIV Track Option will be offered to a select group of four residents and will continue throughout the three years of residency. All incoming PGY-I Categorical Medicine housestaff will be given the opportunity to apply to this program.This track has been developed in response to a decrease in the number of primary care physicians in the U.S. who provide HIV care. As HIV has become a chronically-managed disease, there is an increasing need to incorporate primary care providers into the spectrum of HIV care. SUNY Downstate Medical Center has been selected as one of only three sites to receive funding from the US Public Health Service's Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to develop an HIV track for Medicine residents. Our nationally-recognized HIV treatment and research programs, our large Medicine residency program, and our diverse patient population make us uniquely suited to offer this training opportunity.

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